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 By:  Observer Editorial Team

We thought our last article said it all about Fake Frankie Waters, the darling RINO of the Beaufort County Republican Party. The previous sentence is not much of a recommendation here in Beaufort County.  Most of the leadership was caught red handed endorsing the Democrat candidate for Sheriff.  Only one member resigned.  That leaves Fake Frankie Waters, Commissioner John Rebholz and the Vice Chairman Paul Varco still guilty of disloyalty.  Only one member, Kelly Cox, resigned from the Executive Committee.  Waters, Rebholz and Varco look like they will get away with this because the Chairman Carolyn Garris needed their vote to be nominated to replace the Republican Register of Deeds who is retiring.  She got the nomination by one vote of the Executive Committee.

Fake Frankie Waters, in addition to supporting Rogerson’s candidacy went to at least one of his fund raisers.

Fake Frankie is complaining about advertisements by the Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC calling him out for failing to vote against illegals getting their free tuition paid at Beaufort County Community College by County taxes.  This item was brought up at several Commissioner meetings.  Fake Frankie and his buddies, Republican, John Rebholz, and Democrats Ed Booth and Jerry Langley always managed to stop the vote against illegals being able to tap into tax funds.  Now Waters is accusing the Beaufort County Conservative Republican Pack of lying.  Fake Frankie will never be able to look in the mirror again because he will see who is lying.

Take a look at the Beaufort County Community College web site.  There is no requirement for citizenship to qualify for this money. They take people from anywhere.  Be prepared to not feel good when you leave the site.  It drips with socialism.  The donors to free education are the usual suspects like the Golden Leaf Foundation, State Employees Credit Union, NC Works, NC Long Leaf committee……..

Fake Frankie is distraught about being caught lying about his increased spending in Beaufort County.  Fake Frankie and is buddies increased spending more than 10 million dollars this year.  They used some deceptive practices to get this accomplished.  They buried more than 4 million dollars in a special fund budget ordinance so it will not show up in the annual budget.  They gave $577,000 to the schools claiming they had to because it was sales tax revenues.  This is an outright lie.  They increased the budget by more than 5 million dollars and then claimed part of the increased spending was not increased spending. These are adults acting like children.

Frankie Waters asked Tandy Dunn and innocent question at the political forum recently.  He wanted to know if the Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC had ask Tandy for permission to use his name in our advertisements.  Tandy told him “No.”  Frankie put this on Face Book in a way to harm the creditability of the PAC.  Frankie did not ask enough questions of Tandy.  Tandy Dunn is a contributor to the Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC and made a donation for the purchase of the signs.  Fake Frankie Waters is slippery.  This is a typical example of his unethical character.  Those who are quick on the trigger to accuse other of lying as a defense for just about everything are frequently liars themselves.  Take Fake Frankie Waters with a grain of salt.

Frankie Waters supports building a new jail with the present jail 40 percent empty.  That is another 35 million dollars coming at voters.

Waters made the statement, at a political forum, that Beaufort County was not spending enough money.  Spoken like a true Democrat.

In order to stop wasteful spending, vote for Tandy Dunn or Stan Deatherage.

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( October 24th, 2022 @ 8:30 pm )
We do have an overspending problem in Beaufort County government, and you have identified the source of it, but this article leaves a false impression that liberal Democrat Corey Rogerson has significant support among the Republican leadership and that is just not true.

One executive committee member, who is widely believed to have been offered a job, did publicly endorse Rogerson. Chairwoman Garris demanded his resignation and he resigned. Three others including two county commissioners and the party 1st vice chairman "liked" the Facebook post endorsing Rogerson, which creates grave doubt about their support of the Republican Party. One of them attended a Rogerson fundraiser, which creates more doubt (if he gave money, that would resolve ALL doubt. Someone should check the campaign finance reports). All of that may need to be sorted in the future.

That being said, however, this does NOT constitute a significant part of the GOP leadership. Only one of the five party officers is tainted, and two of the approximately 30 at large members of the executive committee. Chairwoman Garris and 2nd vice chairman Patricia Garrison, for example, have been working very hard for Scott Hammonds. And the county party has helped facilitate a coming mailing raising questions about Rogerson. The Beaufort County Republican Party is doing all it can to elect our conservative sheriff candidate. We may have a handful obsessed with sour grapes from their candidate's primary loss, but they are not significant.

Scott Hammonds is far and away the conservative choice and the qualified choice for sheriff.
( October 24th, 2022 @ 8:30 am )
Thanks for telling it true and real.

I hate to use the word RINO because it has become an invective word; however, Stan Deatherage, this guy writing this comment and serving for 22 years as a true Conservative Republican county commissioner, is now being labeled as a "RINO" openly within the "GOP" headquarters by people who are NOT from here, and have NO rudimentary understanding of what are the Core Conservative values, the values that are at the nexus any Real Republican.

And what is my transgression?

'I do not openly condone and support elected "Republicans," like Frankie Waters', who, in this reality thing that I am forced to deal with, openly work within a Center-Left Coalition (two members are avowed Democratic Socialists) to set, in a bipartisan manner: policy, enlarge the budget, and strenuously AVOID any real oversight.

For that, it has been recounted to me on several occasions, by real Republicans of some statue, that what passes as the local "GOP" is actively working against my candidacy, and party disloyalty is openly condoned by leadership within the "Yellow Sheet GOP" - www.beaufortcountynow.com .

From OUR observations, it has become readily apparent that Frankie Waters may NOT be the only FAKE Republican here in Beaufort County that controls the future of our good and best citizens.

Be careful about what you believe. Do your own research. Here is a good place to start Local News & Expression, Editorials, Beaufort Observer, Op-Ed & Politics Daily One Stop Totals 10.20.22


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