AZ border hospital hit with $20 million uncollectable cost to treat illegal aliens | Eastern North Carolina Now

why give these lawbreakers free medical care?


Yuma Regional Hospital in Arizona has had a flood of sick illegal aliens dumped on them for treatment.  It has cost the hospital $20 million so far.  The bills are not collectable from the illegal aliens because they are uninsured and have no money, and disappear anyway.  The federal government is also not paying.  Traditionally, hospitals just add the money spent on unreimbursed care  to the bills of paying patients, but this much added on would send those bills to the moon and drive patients to other hospitals.  And taxpayers should never be on the hook for scoundrels who flaunt out immigration laws.

The contrast with legal immigrants is stark.  Legal immigrants are required to get extensitve medical examinations for doctors approved by the US government before they ever leave their home country.  If they have medical conditions that need treatment, those treatments have to be completed in their home country before they come to the US.  Legal immigrants also have to prove that they or a sponsor has sufficient funds to cover their expenses, including medical, for the first five years. They are prohibited from access to welfate, including Medicaid, for five years.

Illegal aliens, on the other hand, just show up at a hospital and get treated, and stiff the hospital and its other patients in the process.  Illegal aliens who know they are sick can, and do, illegally cross the border for "free" medical care.

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( December 26th, 2022 @ 9:16 am )
Giving free medical care to illegal aliens drives up the medical costs for American citizens, and it is not just the uncompensated care when they show up in Emergency Rooms. While they are not supposed to be eligible for Medicaid, this is often bent when it comes to children, and many of those "children" are actually older than they claim to be. Social workers have another workaround for all illegal aliens and that is "emergency Medicaid" when can be given to anyone but is supposed to be strictly time limited (3 months if memory serves).

That may be understandable for something like a heart attack or car wreck, but social workers stretch it far beyond that. For example, if an illegal alien has failing kidneys, dialysis is extremely expensive and they have to do it twice a week for what could be years. What is regularly happening for dialysis is that they are put on Emergency Medicaid and that keeps being renewed every time it expires indefinitely. It would be better to give them one dialysis as Emergency Medicaid and then an immediate plane ticket home so that their home country could provide subsequent dialysis treatments if they desire.

Use of Medicaid gets into the pockets of citizens two ways. One is taking their tax money to pay for Medicaid. The other is that since Medicaid reimburses medical providers at less than market rates, that is made up for by raising the costs to paying patients. If insurance is what is paying, then that impacts insurance premiums.

The flood of illegal aliens is a costly cancer on America and needs to be cut out totally.

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