Fauci actively worked to cover up for China's Wuhan Covid lab leak | Eastern North Carolina Now

then lied to the American people about his role in China coverup


It has now come out that Dr. Anthony Fauci was extensively involved in helping cover up the Wuhan lab leak origin of the Covid virus and then lied to the America people about it.  Evidence has emerged that it was Fauci who commissioned a study to cover up that origin and he even editted it.  Then Fauci presented the skewed study as being independent and that he had nothing to do with it.



Fauci is just another Red China spear carreir and ought to be wearing an orange jump suit.

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( March 6th, 2023 @ 11:56 am )
The big lie about mask that made me not trust anything else he said was Mask will protect medical personal but not the general public. I asked a liberal how a mask knows who is wearing it and were it is being worn. Their reply was oh the mask knows. All I could do is shake my head to this day the person still wears a mask everywhere they go.
Jann said:
( March 6th, 2023 @ 8:47 am )
Anyone that really listening in the beginning knows he is a lier. Every other week he was changing his stories.
1. No need to wear a mask, masking doesn't work.
2. Wear a mask to help stop the spread.
3. Wear 2 masks to make sure your protected.
4. Natural immunity if you had covid.
5. Hydroquinone will kill you.
6. Natural immunity doesn't work, you need a vaccine.
I mean come on the list could go on & on.
Him and his wife who works for the NIH are nothing but evil.
All they truly care about is money and could careless about people.
Just look into his work when AIDS came out.
He's nothing but a snake!!!

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