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By:  Hood Richardson

Is it good deeds or words that get us past the Pearly Gates? 

We all know the answer, it is faith that produces good deeds.  If you live in Beaufort County and are a registered Republican, your good deed is to attend the Beaufort County Republican precinct meetings and convention on Saturday March 25 at Southern Acres (3889 NC Highway 92 East, Bath) near White Post at Bath.  Attend the precinct meetings so you will have a vote at the convention later that same morning. Precinct meetings begin at 8:30 AM, Please do not be late.  This event happens every two years.  We elect County Republican officers and the executive committee.

Why should you waste half a Saturday on this?  You do not have to attend if you are happy with the political scene in Beaufort County, the State of North Carolina and the United States.  Do not attend, do not vote and everything will stay the same.  Nothing will change in the schools, inflation will continue to surge, our borders will remain open, the FBI will continue to be corrupt, taxes will certainly go up, etc, etc, etc….

Precinct meetings are leveling experiences.  Every registered Republican may attend and vote.  There is no other qualification.  Some will argue that their vote does not count.  It does count.  George Bush became President of the United States by less than 600 votes.   Bill Cook became a North Carolina State Senator by 21 votes.  William Pitt became a Washington City Councilman two years ago by a coin flip because the vote was tied.

My patience is tested by those who complain bitterly and with little compassion, about their political party, and do not attend precinct meetings or the County Convention. 

The leadership is selected, and political policy is set beginning with the precinct meetings and County Conventions of both the Democrat and Republican Parties.  This is democracy in action.  Using the political machinery of either party beginning at the precinct level is true democracy in action.  This machinery allows us to have a political revolution without one drop of blood being shed. 

Considering how far this Nation has strayed from our founding roots and the Constitution, the amount of corruption in government, our news media and industry, now is the time to attend precinct meetings.  Politics has taken on a very bad reputation.  Justifiably so.   A lot of bad people are running things. Most politicians, today, have questionable reputations.  Political parties have the power and means to rid ourselves of undesirables and elect honorable people to public office.  This will never happen unless honorable people get involved in politics beginning at the precinct level.

Precincts are the smallest political subdivision of voters.  Precincts are your community, where you live. These are your friends, neighbors, relatives and fellow Christians.  By joining together we can force the changes that are desperately needed in our government.  If enough good people do not show up, there will be no change in government.

We have had some serious things happen to Republicans and the Party during the past few years.  The Executive Committee sent $14,000 of money raised to help local candidates out of the County. This money was raised by Beaufort County Republicans to help candidates in local elections.  Our local candidates had to scramble for find money for their campaigns.  The Chairman rigged the Executive Committee and failed to call meetings so she could get the vacant Register of Deeds job.  Registered Republicans did not stand a chance. The leadership has attacked conservative Republicans and filed charges against Tandy Dunn a conservative candidate for County Commissioner, claiming he is a disloyal Republican.  Yet, members of the Executive Committee (more than one) supported Democrats in the 2022 elections, even making cash donations to Democrats.

We need strong, honest, ethical leadership who will follow the Republican Rules of Organization, be loyal to the Republican Party platform and not support Democrats to lead our Party.

If you were a registered Republican on or before January 31 of 2023, you need only to come to the meeting described in the first paragraph above.  No other permission or approval is required.

The only way to change behavior in political parties and the government is to change the people who are running political parties and the government.

If you are a registered Republican next Saturday will be a "time of choosing:" Either to just rely on words or to take action as your good deed to improve government.  Plan now to attend and bring others in your family or a few friends.

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( March 22nd, 2023 @ 10:51 am )
In truth, there is a lot of middle ground on how the local party used its resources in the last election. There were three major groups of spending party funds, as the published reports to the Board of Elections show. The first one, the $14,000 that has been mentioned, was a very poor use of resources, but the other two were effective. The second set of expenditures was made up of party raised money and second in size, while the last one came from two generous contributors and was around $5,000.

Chairwoman Carolyn Garris played a major role in seeing that the second set of expenditures was used for what it should have been. She took the bull by the horns to head off any attempt to use it like the first round, the $14,000. As a result, the second round provided funds for a get out the vote mailer to Beaufort County GOP voters for the entire ticket, funds for mailings for the two contested school board races, and money for a radio campaign on behalf of the sheriff candidate, Scott Hammonds. That money was directed at local voters. Thanks to a couple of very generous contributors we also got the third wave of spending, which included a mailer on behalf of the sheriff's race, and a radio campaign for the school board candidates. Chairwoman Garris was also very involved in getting all of that accomplished, too.

The diversion of the $14,000 mostly to statewide judicial campaigns was orchestrated by First Vice Chairman Paul Varcoe. There are guesses at who else may or may not have been involved but they are only guesses. Unfortunately, one of the proposals of the orginal committee that was cast aside when Varcoe prevailed was a radio campaign on the issue of crime that had been designed to help both the statewide judicial ticket AND our local sheriff candidate. This would have given both a lot more punch than just writing checks to a statewide campaign committee.

Because judicial ethics rules largely prevent judicial candidates from running on issues, it is always more effective to spend money on their behalf raising issues that they are hamstrung on raising themselves from their own campaigns. This is why the NC Republican Party has a Judicial Campaign Fund, so they can run their own advertising raising issues that the candidates are prevented from raising directly. It is also why many other GOP organizations do the same thing. It is why giving most of that $14,000 directly to the official campaign organizations of each judicial candidate was the least effective way that money could have been spent on those races in terms of trying to do something to actually win those races. And the campaign records show that when those Supreme Court candidates were distributed shares of that Beaufort County GOP $14,000, each one was already sitting on well into six figures of cash on hand, with professional fundraising consultants out beating the bushes statewide for more. They were NOT "out of money" as the county executive committee was falsely told to try to justify diverting the money to them.

The county commission race was not a logical place to spend money because the math dictated that there would be two Republicans and one Democrat elected. The Democrat base vote will always elect one Democrat if only one Democrat is on the ballot. If three Republicans equally divide all of the swing vote plus the Republican base vote, that equals significantly less than just the Democrat base vote. This awful limited voting system guarantees the Democrat that seat as long as their vote is united in one candidate. The only real question in that election is which two of the three on the Republican ticket will join that Democrat. We need to either hope more Democrats file to split their base vote or change the system if we want a shot at winning all the seats.

In my opinion, county GOP efforts contributed siginificantly to at least one of the school board victories and to the sheriff's race victory. We had a first rate candidate in Scott Hammonds, but we had some usual GOP voters with their noses out of joint from the primary. The efforts by the county party and by Rep. Keith Kidwell helped get those voters upset from the primary back into the GOP fold for the general election. The county party funded the early Kidwell ads on behalf of Hammonds, and then Keith got out and raised more money where by election day, his efforts had brought in even more than the party put into it. Working as a team we helped solidify Republican voters behind our nominee.

The bottom line? Are people rightly upset about what happened to that $14,000? Absolutely. But in other respects, did the party spend money efficiently and effectively to elect our local ticket and to turn out local votes for our statewide ticket? Absolutely.
( March 22nd, 2023 @ 9:07 am )
Thanks RH for yanking this far flung conversation back into the truth zone.

A real Beaufort County GOP would have vetted its candidates, which would have precluded Fake Frankie from running for county commissioner as a Republican.

An unknowledgeable local GOP is working hard to destroy what Republican brand that we have left. As someone who helped build the local Republican Party here in Beaufort County, that is a tough thing to watch, as I am forced to swallow that bitter pill each election as Frankie does his Democrat dance while this local GOP sucks up the flavor of his "step and fetch it" for the Democratic Socialists.

Without "Hoods PAC," I would NOT have been the leading Republican, in terms of votes won and gained, on the ticket. With "Hood's PAC," and another good Democrat running along with the Leftist Commissioner Ed Booth (Frankie's coalition member), Tandy Dunn may would have had enough votes to take Fake Frankie out.

And, you are right RH, we would have had a Republican majority, hopefully then moving Randy Walker more to the Right, thus making Beaufort County a far better governed county.

This is the real of it, the world outside of Alias Fools calling the Honorable Hood Richardson "liar!"
( March 22nd, 2023 @ 7:33 am )
What the last county commission election was about was whether Republicans would regain control of the county commission or whether it would remain captured by the Democrats and their allies. If Deatherage and Dunn won, then we could get a functioning Republican majority. If Langley's stooge Waters won, the Democrats would keep effective control of the county commission. Frankie Waters is no more a Republican than Liz Cheney is a Republican. Waters is an infiltrator who is functionally still the Democrat he was most of his life. He is like the boy who pretends to be a girl to play girl's sports. Waters is a pretend Republican whose role is to get actual control of county government for the Democrats.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 11:35 pm )
CV: Thank-you for recognizing this publication as a truth telling zone, and using it fully as such.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 9:32 pm )
???? I did not comment on that PAC, only on the local GOP. The commissioners' race had two Democrats, only one of them masquerades as a "Republican", Frankie Waters. Waters is Jerry Langley in whiteface. Not a dime's worth of difference.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 7:35 pm )
Sorry that you are so misinformed Conservative Voter. Unfortunately, in Beaufort County, we have limited voting when it comes to the commissionerís race. There were 3 Republicans and 1 Democrat running. This limits many things. The PAC decided to go after the Republican candidate and the Democrat didnít have to spend a dime. Iím sure he appreciated the work of the PAC. Maybe the Beaufort County Republican Party needs to go through an endorsement process??? We saw the Beaufort County Republican Party out there every day working hard for Republicans. Yes, they helped all Republicans. I may just need to start attending the Republican Party meetings. I have been to two PAC meetings and it was disgraceful the way Hood talked to people and talked about people. It was an angry, bitter room.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 2:37 pm )
I heard lots of great radio ads from Keith Kidwell backing Scott Hammonds and received a great postcard from the NC Republican Party backing Scott, but never did see anything from the county GOP. Kidwell and the NCGOP played a big role in helping Scott get elected.

There may have been more than one tranche of money spent, and some of it may well have gone to useful purposes, but writing checks to statewide campaigns that are already flush with money and ignoring local political needs with that $14,000 is not smart politics or a wise use of local money. That is particularly true when a county party officer stands up and falsely claims those campaigns are "out of money" to try to justify it.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 2:19 pm )
Unfortunate as it may seem to the alias misnomer "Conservative in Red," bemoaning that "it unfortunate that Stan has tied himself so closely with Hood," I state for the record of what is real that I have served with Commissioner Richardson for over 20 years.

In all those years, I have served with many less than intelligent, and more than corrupt commissioners, a great many of them so-called "Republicans."

I am most happy to offer my best considered opinion that Hood Richardson, as forcefully fluent as he may sometimes project, is neither stupid nor corrupt, and neither am I.

So, in my logical mind that puts me and The Hood into a finer group of company than that which you might keep for whatever short period of time that your person of Alias Origins has wondered about, desperately trying to make sense of what might be beyond your ability to do so.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 2:09 pm )
Hello Conservative Voter, thanks to the Beaufort County Republican Party, the citizens celebrated a successful election. Hoodís PAC used almost all the funds they raised to attack fellow Republicans and to reimburse himself for copies, etc. Didnít work too well for them. The Republican Party donated money to the candidate for sheriff, Supreme Court candidates, school board candidates, and had boots on the ground from beginning to end. You know you are spreading misinformation and not the whole story. Itís unfortunate that Stan has tied himself so closely with Hood, but time will tell the impact on each one. I would suggest responses be screenshot. Wishing everyone a good day. God bless. Hood would not even pay $10 for a plate of bbq to support the Republican candidate for sheriff.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 2:05 pm )
Instead of drowning in pettiness, the real attention should be on how that $14,000 of party funds was pissed away. Those responsible need to be replaced.
( March 21st, 2023 @ 1:08 pm )
Donna: It is still Deatherage, I am still a native of Beaufort County, and I am still a Conservative county commissioner.

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Donna said:
( March 21st, 2023 @ 12:35 pm )
Sorry Mr Deathridge, nice communistic move like the left trying to dumb down truth. Fix the glitch with your program. I only posted 3 comments and each was different with the last saying that Mr Richardson is going to be prayed for everyday. Have an awesome day!

Mr Richardson, yes, your comment is scary, I agree. So do you mind telling us to whom youíre spiritually accountable?
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