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Soros backed prosecutors around the country are well known for letting actual criminals including many felons walk, with either outright release or a slap on the wrist with a minor misdemeanor plea bargain.  However, if a law abiding citizens dares defend themselves from a criminal, they become a major target for prosecution.  That is, if they are not busy prosecuting political opponents of the left.  The latest case of a Soros backed DA prosecuting a law abiding citizen for self defense is in Austin, Texas.

Two cases of this travesty have gotten national attention.  During the BLM / Antifa insurrection, a BLM mob stromed a gated community in St. Louis, Missouri and attacked houses.  A husband and wife, both lawyers, stood on their front porch holding firearms to deter the BLM mob that had broken through their gate from attacking their house.  It worked, and the violent mob backed off.  The Soros DA in St. Louis, however, charged them with felonies for defending their home.  Those charges got thrown out, and ultimately so did the Soros DA herself, as she was removed from office by the state Attorney General.

The other case that got national attention was when Manhattan's Soros DA Alvin Bragg tried to prosecute the victim of an armed robbery.  A bodega owner was robbed by a career criminal armed with a deadly weapon, and when the criminal threatened the bodega owner with his weapon, the bodega owner shot him with his own gun.  Bragg ultimately dropped the charges against the bodega owner after a national outcry of outrage at Bragg's charges.  The Republican candidate for NY Governor pledged to fire Bragg for this travesty if he were elected, and he almost won.

The latest travesty in Austin, Texas also arose from the BLM / Antifa insurrection.  An Uber driver, who is also an Army sergeant, was going about his business when he unexpectantly found his vehicle surrounded by a BLM / Antifa mob.  Suddenly, a BLM thug appeared and pointed an AK-47 rifle directly at him.  The Uber driver did not wait for the BLM thug to pull his trigger, but grabbed his own gun in self defense and shot him.  Despite a clear case of self defense against an armed thug who had a deadly weapon trained on him with his finger on the trigger, the Soros DA in Austin charged him with murder and has fully prosecuted him.  Unfortunately, Austin is a liberal island within Texas, and thus has left wing juries, like Manhattan.

Soros DA's are a threat to America justice and need to be run out of office by whatever means possible.

Fortunately, the governor of Texas has already said he plans to pardon the wrongfully chatged and convicted citizen.


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( April 8th, 2023 @ 3:23 pm )
Soros is also a huge supporter of open borders and illegal immigration, who uses his money for lots and lots of evil. I am sure these prosecutors he sponsors are turning a blind eye to illegal alien criminals.

Soros is also a really disgusting person. Although he has been an avowed atheist for many years, he grew up in the Jewish religion which makes his actions in his native Hungary in World War II all the more terrible. When the Nazis deposed Hungarian regent Admiral Horthy and took control of the country in the middle of the war, Soros became a Nazi collaborator who helped them with information to round up other memmbers of his then religion to send to the concentration camps. The world today would be a better place if they had doublecrossed him and send young Soros, too. He deserved it for being a collaborator.

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