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    Almost all of us are familiar with the indifference to the general public that the French monarchy exhibited prior to the French Revolution. Nothing more encapsulated the notion that government was the ruler and that people had no say more than Marie Antoinette's insensitive statement when confronted with the poverty and hunger of people unable to afford even bread of "Well, then let them eat cake."

    As I write this, the national inflation rate for March was 6%. This means everything we buy, the services we get and the places we go cost on average 6% more. It conversely means that your dollar is worth less.

    Here in Washington, this inflation is felt harsher than elsewhere because our poverty rate exceeds the national average by a substantial margin. Many residents lack transportation to go out of the area on a daily basis for basic goods and services like food, toiletries, medicines, and other essential items. Businesses in our town are forced to raise prices because they have to keep up with their own cost increases which in turn lowers the quality of life for all of our citizens.

    So naturally your City government should be discussing ways to alleviate pain on the poorest citizens, on retirees and on the small business community, right? Well if you thought that was the chief concern of those planning our budgets you would be wrong. Tonight, the council was informed that the city will be seeking a tax increase city-wide. I have been informed through a source I will not yet reveal that it is planned to be a 7% property tax. There is also discussion of a 5% utility tax increase on top of that! In other words, while the mayor is in Las Vegas on the city dime currently and they are discussing wage increases (some of which are more than overdue so I have no real quarrel with that if they cut spending elsewhere), they want to reach into your pockets and collect an additional 12%.

    Now I am not a math wizard and I've never claimed to be. But 6% inflation along with a 12% increase in costs to you equals a de-facto 18% inflation rate here in Washington. Something you'd read about in a Banana Republic somewhere and not in a first-world city in the United States.

    I know for a fact that Council Members Bobby Roberson and William Pitt will oppose this tax increase and in the past Council Member Lou Hodges voted against the last increase. If all three hold the line we should be able to stop the city bureaucracy from coming after your wallet or pocketbook. But that doesn't just magically happen. You have to get involved even if it's just a phone call to voice your displeasure.

    After all they don't get to dictate to us, they work for us. Some may recall that in 2017 the City sold us on a 55 cent per $100 valuation on property taxes with the noble goal of purchasing a new Emergency Vehicle for the city. Do you know where that vehicle is because it was never purchased! They instead took the money and put it towards the General Fund where they overspent on pet projects. Don't let them fool you that they need another tax increase for noble goals because they will not designate the money for anything but wasteful spending and pet projects.

    Make your voice heard! Below is the phone numbers and emails of the current council members. Encourage those that are opposed like Mr. Pitt and Mr. Roberson to remain opposed and ask the others where they stand and demand they stick up for you and not the bureaucracy.

  • Mayor Donald Sadler - (252) 975-3208 (home)
  • Mayor Pro Tem Richard Brooks - (252) 946-6607 (home)
  • Lou Hodges - (252) 943-7690 (mobile)
  • Mike Renn - (224) 223-3940 (mobile)
  • William Pitt - (252) 702-1937 (mobile)
  • Bobby Roberson - (252) 975-5176 (home)
    It's you the taxpayer that needs to be put FIRST!

     Ceres for Washington NC City Council | Putting Taxpayers FIRST!

    Gary explains the sheer weight of Big Government in Washington, NC

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