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We are entering two seasons at the same time.  The promise of Spring is upon us as well as the uncertainty that comes with any new political season.  Now is when aspiring new candidates and incumbents start planning and thinking about the Spring of 2024 primary and the Fall 2024 general elections. We know the certainty of Spring; mild weather, lush gardens, with the Summer growing season following with precision.  The long and laborious political season, (19 months) takes us down many disappointing trails only to end with the certainty of an election with untried new officials.  Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose.  Sometimes winning brings unhappiness when our candidate(s) morph into unexpected creatures, like RINOs and DINOs (Democrats In Name Only).  Seems like there are herds of RINOs with DINOs yet to be seen. 

Regardless of how things turn out, this new political season offers the refreshing opportunity to make meaningful changes in government.

Many of us, individuals, political clubs and the more formal political party organizations try to recruit candidates.  Between elections many people talk brazenly about what they would do if in office and even pretend they would like to be elected.  This situation is somewhat like the saying:  “Everybody wants to go to Heaven but nobody wants to die.”  Turning this around:  “Everybody would like to hold a public office but nobody wants to run a campaign”. 

Our experience in recruiting candidates is that they are few and far between.  There are many reasons people cannot serve in public office.  Family responsibilities, job responsibilities, and shyness about offering themselves as being capable of leadership are probably the top hindrances.  For some they see their business as being in jeopardy if they serve in public office.

We should be very respectful of anyone who uses his time and money to run for public office.  Especially if they subscribe to Christian ethics, have sound character  and are free of some of the psychological frailties we see in many elected officials.

The easiest route to getting on the ballot is through affiliation with one of the political parties.  The two largest are Republican and Democrat.  Other splinter parties qualify for the ballot from time to time.  Currently these are the Green Party and the Libertarian Party.  Those who contemplate running who are registered as “Unaffiliated” are at a distinct disadvantage in one way.  Unaffiliated candidates can get on the ballot only by the signed petition of at least 1.5 percent of the number of voters in the last election. The percentage can run up to 4 percent depending on the seat.  In addition, they do not have the advantage of having the label of Democrat or Republican along with the general advertising that is done by the two parties about their platforms.  Those who desire the party affiliation must be registered with that party at the Board of Elections at least 90 days before they register to run.  There is a filing fee which is one percent of the salary the elected position pays.

New politicians make a lot of mistakes.  One of the biggest mistakes is to approach your political party as a new unannounced candidate.  More than likely whomever you talk to will try to talk you out of running.  The reason is they have their favorite candidate whether it is the incumbent or someone else.  It is always better to find a seasoned politician that you can trust (that is a big one too) and consult with them on a confidential basis. You, as a new candidate, will be welcomed with open arms if you are running against an incumbent of the opposite party who is considered to be unbeatable. We recommend that you get your feet wet in at least one or two elections before you offer yourself by volunteering to help a candidate.  You will have most of your questions answered by then. 

Within Beaufort County, the Conservative Club will be actively looking for candidates to fill the four positions on the Board of County Commissioners and the five seats on the School Board.  In addition, they will be trying to fill all other seats that are up for election.  And of course, there will be elections for the state legislature and national House.  Thom Tillis seat will not be up for election until 2026.

The Conservative Club is seeking candidates for the School Board who understand they do not work for the superintendent.  The opposite is the case, the Superintendent works for the Board.  There are several failing and well below average schools in Beaufort County and a tendency within the education staff to teach according to the modern and woke theories (fake dogmas).  A turnaround has started with the three conservative board members elected in the 2022 elections.  The school turnaround will be completed by electing a minimum of three new conservatives.   Then the false dogmas, the discipline issues  and actually teaching the three R’s can be addressed.

We have much the same situation on the Board of County Commissioners.  Frankie Waters, caught red handed writing checks to Democrats, and John Rebholz of the Cypress Landing RINOs, have formed a coalition with the two Democrats on the Board.  Both Waters and Rebholz vote with Democrats more than not.  Both Waters and Rebholz are handpicked and aggressively supported by the Beaufort County Republican Party. Randy Walker, a pick of the Beaufort County Conservative Republican Club during the 2022 elections has proven to be unreliable as a conservative.  He spends his time doing a balancing act on the political tightrope.  He tries to satisfy everyone and in the end satisfies no one.  His drift is to the liberal side.  A new Register of Deeds will be elected during the 2024 elections.

Municipal elections are held this year with candidate filing being open from noon on July 7 thru noon on July 21.  These are important nonpartisan (if there is such a thing) elections that take place during November of 2023.  There is heavy spending with tax increases coming at us from our municipal governments. 

The Conservative Club is broadening its base.  It invites all potential candidates to consult with their experienced leaders on a confidential basis.  The Club has experienced political leaders who have actually been elected.  They are more experienced than the local Republican Party

Time is a factor.  The sign-up books open on December 12 and close before Christmas.  The candidate must have his party picked at least 90 days before he resisters to run.  That deadline date is September 12.  That is only four months away.  That is not a long time in the political world.

This article has been focused on Beaufort County because that is what we are most familiar with.  However, the general points applys to every other county in the United States.  Changing elected officials and not relying on whatever political system your county is using is how we, as individuals, change government. There is opportunity in this election season.

We see a great need to improve government and believe that starts at the local level.  Having good candidates running for office is the best way to improve government.  Let’s encourage good people to file to run for the office they prefer.

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( May 1st, 2023 @ 9:17 am )
About 37% of registered voters in Beaufort County are declared unaffiliated. These are some of the best-informed people that have realized the corruption in both parties. While this is a Gallant decision, it does make it difficult to run for office. I would encourage you to register as a party member in order to get your name on the ballot. We need well-informed patriots to help us take back our County on our School board, City Council and County Commission.
( May 1st, 2023 @ 11:09 am )
One office that needs a fresh conservative face is our state senate seat. With redistricting, we inherited a RINO from Kinston, Jim Perry, who has been a major proponent of a whole host of liberal bills including gambling, expensive green energy, and Obamacare / socialized medicine.

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