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    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Brandon Drey.

    Big tech streaming platform Apple removed Blaze Media founder Glenn Beck's nationally syndicated American culture and politics program from its iTunes platform on Wednesday for an unknown issue.

    Beck, who is one of the first conservatives to venture out and create alternative media from the mainstream, announced in a video posted on X that he received an email from the Apple Podcasts Team that "The Glenn Beck Program" had been removed after they had "found an issue with [his show] ... which must be resolved before it's available on Apple Podcasts."

    "I have a feeling these 'issues' with @Apple and others will keep happening the more we're over the target," Beck wrote on his X account.

    The email reportedly directed Beck to follow a link for additional details, but only repeated that Apple Podcasts removed his program.

    "Well, we got that one, dummy," Beck said. "I mean - I cannot imagine what they are - what they're basing this one on. I mean, have we even had strikes? Nothing, right? This is crazy. Crazy."

    Beck had been preparing for another episode of his program on Wednesday when his team found out they potentially became another example of big tech companies censoring conservative programs and personalities.


    "This is absolutely freedom of speech," he said. "There's nothing that we have said that would warrant any removal."

    According to his media company, the podcast host's next episode is titled "Trump vs. Biden: Which is the Crime Family?" The summary describes Beck's deep dive reviewing former President Donald Trump's fourth indictment and the implications it could have on freedom of speech while comparing it to alleged evidence revealed regarding Hunter Biden and President Joe Biden.

    "Maybe that's what it is ... maybe they're just smoked because, you know, I'm pointing out the real crime family tonight," he said.

    Although Apple has not issued a formal response, Beck appeared to give the company the benefit of the doubt by calling it a potential "glitch."

    "But it's amazing how we have to have a whole bunch of people point out the glitch before the glitch is found, and it's put back," he said. "Man, this is - this is huge."

    "I think the closer and closer we get to this election, the more and more glitches are going to happen," he added.

    Blaze Media did not return requests for comment.

    BlazeTV host Steve Deace wrote on social media, "Oh my. Even if it is a glitch, these 'glitches' only seem to go one way."

    Daily Wire Co-Founder Jeremy Boreing wrote, "This must be a mistake. Glenn is one of the best men in the business and perhaps the greatest living broadcaster. Make this right."

    "The Glenn Beck Program" podcast remains available on his BlazeTV service, as well as other streaming platforms Spotify, YouTube, and Stitcher.

    Six hours after Beck's show was removed from the platform, the podcast host said Apple restored over 3000 episodes to iTunes but did not provide "clear answers" for the unknown issue.


    "I want to thank everyone (on the left, right and everyone in between) who spoke up today," he wrote. "I wish I had better answers from Apple on what happened, but you gave me hope that the issue of censorship is still bigger than politics."
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