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This is Labor Day Weekend, 2023.  For many it marks the beginning of the 2024 Election.  Our Editorial Team has diligently researched the conditions we see extant that will impact, nay even determine, that election.  We will thus begin a series of articles we trust will inform our readers to get prepared for what is to come.  The first thing that is obvious to us is that the 2024 Election will be pivotal in the immediate future of our nation and thus the world. 

The second thing that is obvious is that this will be an election unlike any we have ever seen for President.  It will not be a contest between two candidates as much as it will be a test of whether the American System will survive.  Of course, the voters will vote in November of 2024.  But we have serious doubts about whether the voter sentiments will determine the outcome.  Rather, we fear that money will be the deciding factor, both in whether there is an honest election with every vote being counted and every voter voting only once.  Moreover, Big Money will have a tremendous impact on voter attitudes.

Into this mix comes an unusual assemblage of special interest politics in which the traditional parties (Democrat and Republican) will play much less of a role in the outcome and the battles will be based on conflicting approaches to government.  The Republican part is stuck in a rut that is archaic.  In its place is an organization, sometimes referred to as the Make America Great Again (MAGA) led by Donald Trump and a puppet Democrat Party now under the control of radical leftists.  Each camp has a very different approach to how they believe government should function, what its purposes are and even how relevant the constitutional framework of our Founders is for today. 

We predict that the outcome will be driven more by voter turnout than any other single factor.  The two ends of the political spectrum are pretty much set in stone and are not likely to change.  Republicans on the right will support Trump no matter what.  Democrats on the left will be intent on bringing down the traditional system of government, including the constitutional foundations such as freedom of speech, capitalism and traditional American moral and family values (i.e. gender politics).

The mechanics of both movements are now in place, not the least of which is the composition of the U. S. Supreme Court.  Whoever enters the White House and who controls the Senate will determine the composition of the SCOTUS while the sitting court may ultimately determine the outcome of a close election. 

The issue of the weaponization of the Department of Justice is already well entrenched.  All the frivolous indictments of Donald Trump are designed to use the Rule of Law against political opponents.  If Trump is elected we will see a massive clearance of the Justice Department, returning DOJ to is more traditional role while if the Democrat candidate is elected we will see a massive subversion of the legal system to control the government, and indeed the entire system.

We don’t doubt the basic dichotomy described above.  The undecided factor is how the mass of the voters respond. 

We have great faith in the voters to right the Ship of State.  They always have.  And we believe they will again, but what we do not have a comfortable feeling about is how We The People will respond.

There are many parallels in all of this today to the conditions that existed in the mid nineteenth century, which we all know resulted in an armed conflict between the opposing views of the role of the Federal Government versus the states.  No, we do not believe the Civil War was fought to abolish slavery.  That was only the issue used as a smoke screen to influence the masses.

We see a similar scenario developing in this environment.  No, “white supremacists” will not be the instigator of violent, conflict although they may well react quickly to such violence.  Rather we suspect the conflict, if there is one, will begin from the Left.  The first factor will no doubt be whether Donald Trump is elected, or it appears in advance that he will be elected.  We don’t think many on the extreme left will sit idly by and watch that happen.  We have already witnessed that phenomenon in some of our large cities in recent months.  We would expect Trump as President to pardon many/most of those convicted of insurrection from January 6, and even himself and his own family from what many believe are unjust convictions.  That could be a spark such as Fort Sumter was in 1861.  Lord help us if Trump is assassinated.  Who knows what the spark may be but we predict that if it appears the country will move right and the response from the extreme left will be violent.  As mentioned above, that has already begun in places such as Seattle.

A corollary to all this is the question of the military.  If a President orders the military to attack American citizens it will present a huge dilemma for many professional soldiers, marines, sailors, airmen, coast guard and law enforcement.  At the risk of overstating the obvious, we would suggest that should such an event occur then every able-bodied American may will have to decide how they will respond.  Our advice now is to go ahead and think through this issue and decide early where your “line” is that will cause you to join the fight. 

If this thing results in a shooting match, then we wonder just how many “Patriots” would be willing to take up arms to defend our freedoms and constitution.  But then, only about 3% of the males actually fought the King of England’s forces in 1776 so who knows the outcome.  So, wonder with us just how many would follow Patrick Henry’s “give me liberty or give me death.”  But be advised, you may be put into a position wherein you are forced to decide.  Best plan ahead.

To assist you, as we approach the election, we will be posting articles that inform this situation.  To summarize we believe we are at a unique point in American history and we will either lose our country as we know it or we will return it to the original foundations.  We see both major political parties as pretty much irrelevant to the outcome.  The Democrats, at least the extreme element that now control the party, are hell bent on destroying the nation and the Republicans are totally inept to prevent it.  The media will take the side of the anti Americans and the battle will turn on how We The People respond.

The first installment in our series can be found at Trending Politics with the article entitled:  Soros Reveals Plan to Unleash Hell on Trump in 2024 Election



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( September 7th, 2023 @ 8:02 am )
Soros, father and son, are adjuncts of the Democrat Party in the US and the globalist totalitarian movement around the world. Alexander Soros has met Biden regime figures at the White HOuse dozens of times. They are joined at the hip. The Foreign Minister of Israel was spot on when he described Soros as "a threat to democracy".
Big Bob said:
( September 6th, 2023 @ 9:43 pm )
787 million says we did not..
( September 6th, 2023 @ 10:40 am )
How will AI affect voting machines? We had major problems in the last election without AI. How can we know this next one will not be rigged more? We need a voting holiday and paper ballots.
Marty said:
( September 5th, 2023 @ 7:07 pm )
I'm ready ... love and peace to all lunatic treasonous psycho leftists ... they truly are poison to America.
Big Bob said:
( September 5th, 2023 @ 6:04 pm )
Now AI is something to be concerned about. No question.
( September 5th, 2023 @ 4:58 pm )
Buzz, the misuse of AI is already being seen in Poland's parliamentary election campaign that is now going on. An opposition party has a TV ad attacking the governing populist / nationalist right Law and Justice Party by faking the voice of the current Prime Minister.
( September 5th, 2023 @ 2:47 pm )
With Today's technology and advertising techniques, companies can make anything look great. As AI comes to fruition, propaganda will have a hay day. Remember: What is the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care. That is what will make the future difficult for the informed.
Jann said:
( September 4th, 2023 @ 9:46 am )
While all this is taking place BRICS is coming together at a fast rate. I have heard the phrase many times "Divide and Conquer!"
(Think hard on that as you watch this 2 min. video)

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