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Misty sunrise in my hometown,
Rows of cotton 'bout knee high,
Mrs. Baker down the dirt road,
Still got clothes out on the line,

Erwin Nichols there with Judge Lee,
Playin' checkers at the gin,
When I dream about the southland,
This is where it all begins

From Carolina down to Georgia,
Smell the jasmine and magnolia,
Sleepy Sweet home Alabama,
Roll Tide Roll,
Muddy water, Mississippi,
Blessed Graceland whispers to me,
Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort carry on,

Catchin' catfish on the river,
Chasin' fireflies by the creek,
Kissin' Debbie William's sister,
On the porch Homecomin' week,

With rusty cars and weeping willows,
Keepin' watch out in the yard,
Just a snapshot of down home Dixie,
Could be anywhere you are,

In Carolina or in Georgia,
Open arms are waitin' for ya,
Louisiana, yellow rose of San Antone,
Arkansas, Mississippi,
Old man river whispers to me,

Carry on, Carry on,
Sweet Southern Comfort carry on,

As I sit here I'm surrounded,
By these priceless memories,
I don't have to think about it,
There's no place I'd rather be.
- Rodney Clawson

The Tinker, the Tailor and the Soldier work the Belgrade Run, November 1998: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    As the Islamic Entente seeks to destroy the state of Israel with a multi-spectral, multi-front war of annihilation, we are reminded of the scribbling of Fusion in July, 2001. He postulated that the new century would see "The Final Jihad" commence once China had surpassed Western multi-war fighting capacity. His colleague, the Congressman, had shared with him and the Hawk in DC, as Clinton gave a State of the Union address, that current estimates projected such would occur by 2015.

    Well, the Congressman was killed by his UN employers (contracted out) in Liberia in 2009 and nobody has heard from Fusion in a very long time. The Hawk still fighting the good fight but missing a solemn Becton toast to the Old Trench Fighter at Murray's shindig Saturday last. Those Balkan specialists carried the day for the West then -- but now a new generation must arise for the coming multi-decade struggle.


    One skill those youngsters may wish to master before the Jihadists para glide into their home town is picking winners like the Desert Swarm. Arizona and Arizona State both deliver as home dogs on the money line, as we soar to 8-4 and up 10.45 units in this space. Alas, Farnell last seen beneath a Lee Chevrolet Silverado babbling "Me and you and ASU" while taking cover from a Wolf howl his addled mind perceived as an air raid siren.

    The guy is never around when you need him. We need winners, Man. Fortunately, our English cousin Westerby available to pinch hit. Now in Tel Aviv, under contract to Sterling, he shares his thoughts in between real air raid sirens:

    "If there is one guy you want in a revenge game it is Nick Saban. He is the best there is serving it cold and, not taking the piss here to Netanyahu, Israel needs to bring him in to kick Hamas ass because Saban could do it in sixty minutes. But a Zionist gotta Zionist and next Saturday best to have our future riding in Tuscaloosa instead of the Golan. Hezbollah thinking like LSU that they will win on the road -- and with that huge missile advantage, they have a better chance of victory than the Bayou Bengals."

    "Since the Texas loss, the Tide is undefeated and controls their own destiny. LSU gobsmacked 'Bama last season late and, with an off week to heal and prepare, the Tide is a stronger value than this price would indicate. Early bird price was five and opened four and the hook and was steamed straight to three and the hook. This is likely to be the hot choice among the proles that consume Daily Wager and Inside the Lines. The Man will wait long and hard before moving this game to the key number of three but that is not the case with the money line. This may be one of those occasions where the price breaks in our favour by hitting the window late."

    "We were hard on Jalen Milroe early as he couldn't be arsed to read advanced coverage; we knew he was not ready for Texas. He has matured and the LSU secondary is banged up. We saw what Florida State did to them early and in their last two road games they gave up 39 to Misery and Ole Miss gutted them with a double nickel. Factor in this is a night game at Bryant-Denny -- and LSU ranked high enough that a blowout win jumps the Tide a critical spot or two in the playoff rankings; you start to get the picture."

    There are bold fighter pilots and old fighter pilots but, with the exception of Uncle Willis, there are no bold, old fighter pilots. We stung The Man the weekend past like Clay knocking out Liston in Miami, 1964; in our younger days we would have rolled the ill-gotten lucre into another heavy position this week. However, week one we made it clear the campaign goal was to win ten units in college ball to fatten the bankroll for the NFL Playoffs (the only pro ball to wager) and subsequent Super Bowl safety play at around +1000.


    Thus holding the high ground, we will pre-zero fire before launching the epic Rivalry Weekend attack. Our call here is ALABAMA (-170) for two units. This means we risk 3.4 units to win two on the money line, needing only an outright win to cash the ticket. 'Bama is strong medicine at home; if you have ever guzzled whiskey at the White Elephant with the Old Trench Fighter before the Iron Bowl -- and then stumbled a few blocks to the stadium, you know what we mean.

ROLL TIDE    38  •  LS WHO    16

Rammer Jammer Yellow Hammer -- GIVE 'EM HELL, ALABAMA!

    And Dave Doeren, don't ever change, Man. You told an agent of the New World Order to kiss your ass on national TV. About time somebody in America grew a pair against these globalist dung-bags undermining our God-given rights. You are a true Leader of The Pack.
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