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All ACC games the next day (including Carolina at Duke for the ACC title) and most of the national slate were rescheduled; the Wolfpack, with a Liberty Bowl bid on the line, played the game and rolled 42-0.

    "He's still there."

    "Still there? What the Hell's he think he's doing?"

    "Don't know. Some of you men get down there. Prepare to fire."

    "If I was you, Captain Terrill, I'd turn back. We can catch him later."

    "Turn back? Are you crazy? He's going to try and pick us off one by one. He'll never do it. At most he might get two or three up front there."

    "Captain, I would advise turning back."


    "You think you can shoot them all down before they shoot you? You don't have a chance, Mr. Wales. We have something in this country called Justice."

    "Well, sir... Mr. Carpetbagger... we got something here... in Missouri..."


    "... we call a Missouri boat ride."
- Phil Kaufman

The Tinker, the Tailor and the Soldier work the Belgrade Run, November 1998: Above.     Click image to enlarge.

    The Wake Forest football team heard the news later than most that fateful Friday in November, 1963. Something had happened with president Kennedy in Dallas -- by the time their bus turned down Hillsborough Street, back to the State College campus, they knew the worst -- and playing at Riddick Stadium that evening, in the very rare Friday night game, was the last thing on their minds.

    All ACC games the next day (including Carolina at Duke for the ACC title) and most of the national slate were rescheduled; the Wolfpack, with a Liberty Bowl bid on the line, played the game and rolled 42-0. Chancellor Caldwell received much criticism but stood by the decision. Kennedy loved football, he said, and would want the game to go on.

    Can you imagine somebody making that kind of call today without asking permission of the globalist apparat? Who the heck knows? That was over fifty years ago and the calls we are looking for now involve kicking The Man in his sensitive parts just as Alabama did to Little Sister University -- thus propelling us to 9-4 and up 12.45 units in this space.

    Good golly, Miss Molly. LSU some kind of solly.


    After his brutal South Carolina call a couple weeks ago, Kurt needs to make like Archie Bell and tighten up; we need winners, Man. Having made his way from Damascus to Beirut he shares the nuance -- realising when ancient foes battle in November it is all about defending the aerial until the weather turns. Whether it is the Missouri nickel package versus the Volunteer slot or Hezbollah Pantsir covering the Golan, Kurt knows the form early...

    "The war goes poorly for Israel now; the international pressure is building and will force Tel Aviv's ceasefire before the yank's Thanksgiving holiday. The Sa-22 is here and once that is established the S-300 is never far behind. Israel best put their foot on the gas or start learning to play defence like the Missouri Tigers."

    "Pregame hype likely to be about Vols signal-caller Milton and his bad-ass nature and how Tennessee loves to hang 60 on Misery. Machst du Witze, Mann. This game is about the Tigers DL in run-stopping mode. Tennessee lives by the run and the Misery 4-2-5 holding the oppo to 3.6 per rush and has yielded only five ground TDs this season."

    "Brady Cook had an off game against Georgia, giving us a break on the price. The Tennessee secondary more porous than the undefended American southern border; Cook a much better QB than Milton. In addition Misery has the far superior special teams. This a no-brainer and we like this one better than a very strong Penn State plus five move."

    Kurt was in Banja Luka when Serb special forces knocked down the US F-117A stealth fighter during the Kosovo war using reversed engineered Tesla technology (Nikola, not the car, AJ Rich). If he is correct here, it means Israel has less time than they think to maintain air supremacy. However if he is correct about Missouri it means even more as our call here is MISSOURI (+1) for three units.

MISERY    31  •  TENNESSEE    24

    Is Missouri truly a three unit value on this move? We don't know other than the gang has been knocking them down right regular of late and when the trend is your friend you don't break or bend. As the Hawk said just before crashing the Serb border post back in '96:


    "A man ought to make a bet every day of his life -- otherwise he might be walking around lucky and not even know it."

    The Moscow crowd still talking about that one, Man.

    Whupped 'em again, Josie.
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