Populist Right candidate Milei wins Argentina presidency in landslide | Eastern North Carolina Now

defeats long governing socialist Peronist Party


Argenina has elected populist right firebrand Javier Milei in a landslide against the candidate of the long governing socialist Peronist Party.  Milei, is an economist by training who has been a popular cable TV host, and rode that popularity to election to Argentina's congress, and now its presidency.  He formed his own new party, Liberty Advances, and in the first round beat the traditional conservatives to reach the runoff with the Peronists.  Milei, who is being compared to Donald Trump is a libertarian capitalist economically and campaigned hard against socialism, and also opposes abortion and trade with communist countries like China.  He is stridently anti-woke and has called the climate alarmist theory "a socialist lie".

With most of the vote counted Milei had over 55% to around 44% for his Peronist opponent.  He takes office December 10.

The Peronists had borrowed a trick from Biden and trumped up phony criminal charges against Milei in the last weeks of the campaign, but that failed to dent his candidacy.






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( November 20th, 2023 @ 3:07 pm )
This guy is great. He calls out the climate alarmists for the frauds they are, opposes all the "woke" nonsense, and says you cannot give the leftists an inch. And he has a huge mandate.

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