Texas escalates: Governor signs law to start arresting illegal aliens & deport them | Eastern North Carolina Now

Texas Governor Greg Abbot has escalated the fight over illegal immigration by signing a new state law that makes it a state crime for illegal aliens to enter the US through Texas, and allows state judges to order deportation as part of the sentence.


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( December 5th, 2023 @ 6:21 pm )
This is going to be interesting. I don't think Texas will back down. Hooray for Texas.

Next they need to start arresting federal personnel who damage Texas border barriers for damage to public property, and arrest that skinhead commie Mayorkas for conspiracy to damage state property. Mayorkas should be sitting in a Texas jail, preferably with illegal alien cellmates.

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If we keep doing what we've always done, we'll get what we've always gotten
If we keep doing as we've always done, we'll get what we've always gotten
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On Saturday, October 28, 2023, North Carolina Speaker of the House Tim Moore, R-Cleveland, visited the U.S.—Mexico border.
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North Carolina Representative John Bradford (R-Mecklenburg) today filed for the Republican nomination in North Carolina’s 8th Congressional District.


President Joe Biden’s administration has reportedly warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against launching an anti-satellite nuclear weapon into space.
PENSACOLA, FL — As controversy continues to swirl following Pope Francis's pronouncement that Catholic priests are free to bless people who are in same-sex relationships, a local protestant man slept soundly
Leftist blogger Timony Burke was arrested by federal law enforcement officials on Thursday and charged with 14 crimes for allegedly illegally accessing videos of former Fox News host Tucker Carlson while he was still at the network.
RALEIGH: Today, Governor Roy Cooper declared a State of Emergency for Duplin and Sampson counties in response to the effects of heavy rain and flooding on the agricultural sector in those counties.
President Joe Biden will travel to the U.S. southern border this week to meet with local officials who have been overwhelmed by the illegal immigration crisis during the Biden administration.
North Carolina has climbed to rank 9th in the nation for its tax climate, according to the latest study conducted by the nonprofit Tax Foundation.
Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump said on Wednesday that she believes Republican Party voters are “absolutely” interested in having the Republican National Committee (RNC) pay the former president’s legal bills.
A local man declared himself free of any need to belong to a local church, relying instead on the fact that he studies the Bible for himself, clearly indicating he has never studied the Bible for himself.
President Joe Biden’s German shepherd has attacked U.S. Secret Service (USSS) personnel dozens of times over the course of Biden’s first term in office.


North Carolina's Rate Bureau has requested for 2024 an annual increase of 42.2%, whereby North Carolina's Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey has exhibited a great willingness to take a firm stand against such an exorbitant increase.
A man arrested in Washington, D.C., two weeks ago for allegedly shooting multiple police officers who were responding to a call at his residence is a previously deported criminal illegal alien.
"It is a losing game for conservatives to believe their vote doesn't count and they're going to get cheated. That is a that is way to lose elections and you can't let what other people may do somewhere else affect what you do, that's a losing strategy.” Dallas Woodhouse, American Majority NC.
Shia LaBeouf received the Sacrament of Confirmation, completing his conversion to Catholicism, on Sunday, and the actor’s confirmation sponsor suggested LaBeouf may become a deacon “in the future.”
After the discovery of a sprawling network of underground terror tunnels used by Hamas, it was announced that the IDF was preparing to flood the tunnels and then use comically oversized wooden mallets to whack Hamas terrorists on their heads as they popped out of the openings
A longtime FBI informant accused in an indictment of fabricating a multi-million dollar bribery scheme involving President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden has been re-arrested after a judge allowed his release, the man’s attorneys said on Thursday.
President Joe Biden took some backlash on Thursday for his claim asserting that no fewer than “nine heads of state” had approached him, telling him that he’s just “got to win” the 2024 presidential election.
Today, the North Carolina State Board of Elections will be considering a complaint today that challenges former President Donald Trump’s ability to be on the ballot.


After months of ducking more serious interview spaces and public press conferences, President Joe Biden made time on Monday for a sit-down interview with NBC’s late-night comedy host Seth Meyers — and he used the platform to lecture Israel about the ongoing war against Hamas terrorists.
In a crushing blow to the plans of the Evil One, the Jones family made it to church this past Sunday.
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First official report documenting sexual atrocities committed by Hamas reveals widespread rape, violent attacks directed on sexual organs
Presiding over any one of the country's most prestigious institutes of higher learning can be a challenging task.
James Biden said that his brother, President Joe Biden, did not have any involvement with his business dealings during a Wednesday interview with House lawmakers.


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