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GOP Rep. Jim Banks (IN) has unveiled a new bill that would cut off federal funding for child welfare agencies who discriminate against Christians and other people of faith.

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Amanda Prestigiacomo.

    GOP Rep. Jim Banks (IN) has unveiled a new bill that would cut off federal funding for child welfare agencies who discriminate against Christians and other people of faith.

    Banks' bill, the Sensible Adoption for Every (SAFE) Home Act, is a response to a proposed Biden administration Health and Human Services rule that would require foster or adoptive parents to support a child's gender "transition." The caretakers would have to affirm a child's preferred pronouns, their "chosen name," and "allow the child to dress in a way that reflects that gender identity."

    "The Biden administration is cruelly preventing countless children in the foster care and adoption system from going to loving homes just because parents are opposed to irreversible sex change procedures on kids," Banks said. "This isn't a liberal or conservative issue. This is just plain wrong, and every sane person knows it."

    The administration claims the HHS rule is necessary to protect "LGBTQI+ youth," who they say are overrepresented in the foster care system and often suffer from abuse.

    However, 18 state attorneys general have already signed on to a letter from Alabama AG Steve Marshall urging HHS to reject the proposed rule. These Republican states - which include Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Tennessee, and Kentucky - all see the rule as discriminatory and a clear violation of the First Amendment, both freedom of religion and freedom of speech. Their letter argues that the rule would effectively remove faith-based providers who refuse to bend on their religious beliefs from the foster care system.

    The letter notes that the Supreme Court, just two years ago, ruled in favor of religious freedom in Fulton v. City of Philadelphia. In this case, the city refused to contract with a Catholic group that wouldn't certify same-sex couples as foster parents. The city was told they couldn't discriminate against these Catholic groups based on LGBT opinions.


    The Republican AGs also argue in their letter that the HHS rule would hurt children in foster care the most, since Christians in particular, and people of faith more generally, are far more likely to become foster parents than the general population. Notably, there are already nearly 400,000 minors in the foster care system, and that number is expected to grow in the coming years.

    The GOP AGs also claim the administration is trying to skirt legal precedent by applying most of its requirements on the states, instead of individual providers. For example, religious parents or groups could, in theory, decline to be designated as a "safe" placement for LGBT youth if they aren't willing to agree to the HHS LGBT regulations, and as a result, would not receive those placements. This would cut them out of a huge portion of the foster care system, Republicans say, adding that this is still discriminatory and unconstitutional.

Considering what is being reported as the most divisive presidential speech - September 1, 2022 - in modern American history, where over 74,000,000 people, many of whom are OUR greatest patriots, were named as fascists by inference or otherwise: Is Joe Biden clearly capable of governing all of the American People to the betterment of this Representative Republic?
  Yes, it is important that Haters are named.
  No, Joe Biden cannot accept criticism when the real truth is his cruelest taskmaster.
  I have no idea what is going on because I only consume Democratic Socialist Media.
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After one full year of the Biden /Harris Administration: Does Joe Biden have the intellectual capacity, and, or the energy to lead the United States of America through the mess that he predominately created ... in just one year?
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Considering the current overwhelming obstacles inflicting stress upon America's working class: rampant inflation; energy insecurity; supply chain turmoil; banking failures; foreign policy disasters; government corruption; (DEI) Diversity Equity Inclusion narrative, with WOKE extremes practiced; Climate Change ideology; intractable crime wave in Leftist cities; wide open border by executive design; a permanently discredited Legacy Media; failed or failing education industry, just to name a few of the many: Who should Americans blame?
  Donald J. Trump
  Joseph R. Biden
  Leftist controlled Congress for the last 4 years.
  Bloated, incompetent bureaucracy weaponized and poorly managed
  The electorate, US, for putting these fools in elected office that utterly fail
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Considering what has happened to our Representative Republic since the corruptive orthodoxy that led to the tolerated abomination - The Russia Hoax - where felonies were perpetrated upon the American People by the creation of the Two Tiered Justice System, in the misnomer of "Social Justice:" Where do you stand on sustaining our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms in a society where injustice is chronically sanctioned by one political orthodoxy?
  I believe in a perfected society by employing a higher governmental authority to train the behavior of the public.
  The United States Constitution does not allow just a few freedoms, it guarantees ALL freedoms promised to Humankind by God.
  Just don't take away my Social Media.
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