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Penn's president testified on Tuesday.

    Publisher's Note: This post appears here courtesy of the The Daily Wire. The author of this post is Mairead Elordi.

    The University of Pennsylvania has lost a donation of $100 million over the Ivy League's handling of anti-Semitism on campus.

    Ross Stevens, founder and CEO of Stone Ridge Asset Management, is withdrawing a gift of limited partnership units with his company, the current value of which is estimated to be about $100 million.

    The tipping point for Stevens, a Penn undergraduate alumnus, came on Tuesday, when Penn's president testified to Congress the rise of anti-Semitic hate speech at their schools.

    Penn President Elizabeth Magill avoided answering questions from lawmakers on whether calling for the genocide of Jews violated the university's codes of conduct.

    Magill said that, "if the speech turns into conduct, it can be harassment," adding that it is a "context-dependent decision."

    The presidents of Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) also testified. Both avoided answering the code of conduct question as well.

    All three presidents have since backtracked after their congressional testimony prompted backlash, but it has not stopped the criticism.

    Magill addressed the criticism in a video released Wednesday evening.

    "In that moment, I was focused on our university's longstanding policies aligned with the U.S. Constitution, which say that speech alone is not punishable," Magill said in her video. "I was not focused on, but I should have been, the irrefutable fact that a call for genocide of Jewish people is a call for some of the most terrible violence human beings can perpetrate. It's evil - plain and simple."

    The Penn donor, Stevens, sent a letter to the school through his lawyers on Thursday rescinding his large gift.

    In his letter, Stevens accused the school of violating the terms of their partnership agreement, including the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policies.

    "Its permissive approach to hate speech caling for violence against Jews and laissez faire attitude toward harassment and discrimination against Jewish students would violate any policies of rules that prohibit harassment and discrimination based on religion, including those of Stone Ridge," Stevens wrote.


    Previously, Stevens also withdrew another $100 million gift to Penn's business school, the Wharton School, reportedly because he believed the school was prioritizing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) over academic excellence.

    Steven redirected that previous gift to the University of Chicago.

    Pro-Palestinian demonstrators have recently disrupted Penn's campus.

    Demonstrators have held huge protests and scrawled graffiti with slogans like "Free Palestine," causing other students to plead with the administration to step in and prevent threats of violence.

A majority of Americans still believe in OUR 1st Amendment guaranteed Freedom of Speech; however, at what bold point does the constitutional right to Free Speech becomes unabashed anti-Semitic Hate Speech, and while it should possibly be tolerated on our college campuses, and on the streets of mostly Sanctuary Cities, these events should be rightfully observed and scrupulously monitored ... or, not? What is your true opinion of when too much of enough is just too much, or not?
  The answer to Free Speech I don't agree with is more, and incredibly robust Free Speech.
  There is a point when Free Speech becomes counter productive to sustaining a peaceful society.
  Free Speech should only be tolerated if it represents the status quo of the highly educated orthodoxy.
  Early in life, I learned to speak only when I am spoken to.
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It has been far too many years since the Woke theology interlaced its canons within the fabric of the Indoctrination Realm, so it is nigh time to ask: Does this Representative Republic continue, as a functioning society of a self-governed people, by contending with the unusual, self absorbed dictates of the Woke, and their vast array of Victimhood scenarios?
  Yes, the Religion of Woke must continue; there are so many groups of underprivileged, underserved, a direct result of unrelenting Inequity; they deserve everything.
  No; the Woke fools must be toppled from their self-anointed pedestal; a functioning society of a good Constitutional people cannot withstand this level of "existential" favoritism as it exists now.
  I just observe; with this thoughtful observation: What will happen "when the Vikings are breeching our walls;" how do the Woke react?
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Considering the current overwhelming obstacles inflicting stress upon America's working class: rampant inflation; energy insecurity; supply chain turmoil; banking failures; foreign policy disasters; government corruption; (DEI) Diversity Equity Inclusion narrative, with WOKE extremes practiced; Climate Change ideology; intractable crime wave in Leftist cities; wide open border by executive design; a permanently discredited Legacy Media; failed or failing education industry, just to name a few of the many: Who should Americans blame?
  Donald J. Trump
  Joseph R. Biden
  Leftist controlled Congress for the last 4 years.
  Bloated, incompetent bureaucracy weaponized and poorly managed
  The electorate, US, for putting these fools in elected office that utterly fail
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Considering what real news is available for all to witness, and in great specificity, should one pursue what is true outside of the channeled realm of the corrupt corporate /legacy media, and: Is Institutionalized Corruption real, and is it a hindrance to sustaining our Constitutional Republic now, and for future generations of American citizens?
  Not sure
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