Sen. Lee calls to replace McConnell after McConnell backs amnesty bill UPDATE | Eastern North Carolina Now

"China Mitch" McConnell's support of a much worse than expected Senate border bill has led Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah) to issue a call for new GOP Senate leadership to replace McConnell.  Senator Lee called McConnell's backing of the bill "a disqualifying betrayal." McConnell chose a supporter of illegal immigratioin, Sen. James Lankford to do a deal with the Democrats on the subject.  The Oklahoma Republican Party has already voted to censure and withdraw all support to Lankford over his border sellout to Biden.

The border bill legalizes an illegal procedure, Biden's "parole pipeline" that brought 1.1 million illegal aliens into the US last year, and it further grants amnesty and automatic work permits to many of the lawbreaking illegal aliens now in the country.  Some are now dubbing it the "Invasion Authorization Act." House Speaker Johnson and Majority Leader Scalise have declared it "dead on arrivael" in the House, and redoubled their refusal to even give it a vote in the House.  

The bill also contains no meaningful controls on the border, and allows 5,000 illegal aliens a day, or over one and a half million a year, to enter.

UPDATE: Senator Ted Budd of North Carolina is one of twenty Republicans who have announced their opposition to this excrement sandwich of a bill.  Most of the rest of the Republicans are officially, at least, unannounced, although it is known that McConnell, Lankford, Tillis, and Rounds support it.

With all the furor of betrayal from the Republican base, even Mitch McConnell has now backtracked and told Republican senators they should vote against the Lankford / Schumer bill, at least for now.

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( February 6th, 2024 @ 5:02 pm )
The grassroots is really turning up the heat. Now even Thom Tillis, one of the worst amnesty whores in the Senate has done a U-turn and is now saying he will vote against the Lankford "Invasion Authorizaton Act". The rats are leaving the sinking ship.
( February 6th, 2024 @ 4:49 pm )
The overwhelming majority of illegal aliens in both Europe and America are military age males. Women and children are a distinct minority in the flow. ISIS has bragged about inserting its operatives in the migrant flow in Europe and they are likely doing the same in America. The groups of illegal aliens trying to breach the border that were shot at in Greece and Hungary were mostly if not entirely male. Those actually shot were all male.

An effective border wall like Trump was building and Biden discontinued would go a long way to solve the problem, so there would not be any need for high levels of force with an effective wall in place.

The border wall built by the black-ruled country of Botswana, both one of the more democratic and more prosperous countries in Africa is an example of how border walls work to control illegal immigration. Botswana has had an illegal alien problem and fixed it by building a border wall that is wired to carry a lethal dose of electricity. The have never had to turn the juice on because the fact that they can is enough of a deterrant.

Illegal immigration is just one of the many issues in which President Trump demonstrated success in governance and Biden has exhibited miserable failure in governance.
Big Bob said:
( February 6th, 2024 @ 2:31 pm )
That's what I always say. Look to Latvia!
On a serious note - shooting women and children is wrong. Just saying

MAGA completely unprepared to govern.
( February 6th, 2024 @ 2:08 pm )
Lankford is a piece of work. He testified under oath that he beleived that 13 year olds should be able to consent to sex in a case before he was elected to public office that originated from a summer camp where he was the director. That is just sick.

Lankford is a known amnesty supporter and McConnell sending him to negotiate with the Democrats was a deliberate pro-amnesty act by McConnell.
( February 6th, 2024 @ 9:26 am )
There are lots of things that can be done short of shooting them. For example, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Finland have "push back" policies where if an illegal alien makes it across the border, the border guards are instructed to push them back out of the country. Latvia has now made it a pushback law by putting it through parliament. Some countries, particularly Poland have successfully used water cannon to blast these invaders back across the border.

Robust use of force is also a useful deterent. Latvia's Interior Minister instructed border guards to use whatever level of force they deemed necessary to keep the illegal aliens out of the country, but their one goal was to keep them out. Greek and Hungarian border guards have actually fired their weapons to successfully stop attempted mass crossings, the Greeks killing an illegal or two. As former Czech Republic President Milos Zeman said, this is an invasion and it should be responded to the same way as any other invasion.

There are borders around the world where people do get shot by border guards if they try to cross illegally. However, Trump's border wall would probably have served us well enough to stop the nonsense now going on, but Biden shut down its construction.
Big Bob said:
( February 6th, 2024 @ 7:12 am )
Sorry but shooting people as they attempted to cross the boarder was discussed, but left out of the bill for humanitarian reasons.
( February 6th, 2024 @ 6:46 am )
Lankford, McConnell, Tillis and others like them are nothing but useful idiots for Mexican crime cartels that are making hundreds of millions each year from human smuggling of illegal aliens to America. We do not need human garbage like them in the US Senate and they are a massive embarassment to the Republican Party.
( February 5th, 2024 @ 8:27 pm )
Thom Tillis was one of the despicable scoundrels selling us out on illegal immigration. Tillis needs to be tarred and feathered and run out of the Republican Party on a rail.
( February 5th, 2024 @ 6:39 pm )
The chief Democrat negotiator of this amnesty bill has gloated on TV that under this bill, in spite of claims otherwise "the border never closes".

That Lankford - Schumer border bill is even worse than what the leaks predicted. It will matters far worse on the border. No conservative should EVER vote for anyone that supports it. We should stand up for Speaker Johnson standing firm to shoot it down in the House. McConnell is a Democrat-in-Drag and needs to be kicked out. Good to see Senator Mike Lee calling for his ouster.

Shame on you Mitch McConnell, Shame on you James Lankford, Shame on you, Thom Tillis.

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