Biden buys votes with taxpayer money and we pay the price in inflation | Eastern North Carolina Now

The latest example is Biden pushing another scheme to try to buy votes of indebted college grads by cancelling their loans, something the Supreme Court has already told him needs Congressional approval to the valid.  Even though he has gotten his fingers burned once by the Supreme Court, he is arrogantly trying to do this again in an election year unilaterally, without going to Congress.  This puts the financial burden for these loans on the rest of America through inflation.

But the student loan forgiveness is hardly Biden's only spending ploy to buy votes.  They keep coming all the time, and ordinary Americans are paying for his vote buying through the inflation we are suffering.  Biden's arrogant use of tax money to try to buy votes is the height of corruption.

The Washington Examiner has an excellent editorial on the subject:

Meanshile, economists including a former Obama Treasury Secretary say that true inflation is running at 18% per year

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