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One pundit recently said that these days the initials FBI should stand for "Follows Biden's Instructions".  A major national polling firm asked the question if voters beleived that the FBI had become "Biden's personal Gestago" and 53% of Americans said "YES".  The FBI and other inter agencies (what in the Soviet Union were called the "power ministries") have been politically weaponized.

An enlightening recent article traces how this happened.  The first step was granting these agencies more powers to spy on Americans after 9/11, but the real political weaponization happened under the Obama administration and was very deliberately planned by his Attorney General, radical Eric Holder.  Holder designed the system so the political weapons of these agencies only pointed one direction, and that was at conservatives.

The full article can be read here:

Some of the US Supreme Court justices have been hammering the Biden regime's attorney with questions about their different interpretations of the same law depending on the politics involved:

There were both conservative Republicans and privacy respecting Democrats who tried to preserve our Constitutional liberties against this construct during the recent FISA reauthorization but were defeated by a coaltion of the establishment of both parties.  Our own congressman, Greg Murphy, was one of those who sold us down the river on this and so was sellout Speaker Mike Johnson.

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( April 22nd, 2024 @ 1:31 pm )
I am not happy with Greg Murphy's role on this issue whatsoever, but I am more upset over his so often going along with Biden's overspending and continual borrowing. Walter Jones always stood strong for our taxpayers on those issues, but Murphy is a pathetic wimp. Murphy even supported Biden's new army of tax auditors to plague the middle class. Eastern NC Republicans can do a lot better than Greg Murphy. Yes, that Libertarian is worth a look.
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 11:47 am )
Obama also worked to move the leadership of our military to the left, with a large number of generals and admirals retired early and replaced with more "woke" successors. Our military had never been politicized this way by other presidents. That set the stage to make it even more "woke" under Biden, so that now they are having problems with recruiting for their woke military. The military was another of what the Soviets called the "power ministries".

In his upcoming term, President Trump needs to de-wokify all of these institutions. Retire the woke generals and admirals and put traditional military leaders back in place. With the FBI, DOJ, etc. appoint solid people to all the positions open for presidential appointment and give them the mission to clean up their agencies. One tool in government to clear out senior career officials who are problematic is to reorganize the agency so that their positions are abolished and their duties assigned to someone else. That is easier to accomplish than outright firing. There should also be bi-partisan review boards created for these agencies to guard against politization in the future.

I agree that Greg Murphy has stabbed us in the back one too many times, and attacking our liberties is not foregivable. I don't know anything about that Libertarian, but Murphy has to GO.
Van Zant said:
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 10:20 am )
It should be noted that Congressman Greg Murphy is calling those of us with concerns about FISA 4th Amendment violations and overseas war funding - terrorists. In his mind defending our Bill of Rights and our sovereign border should not be used to protect us. He says we need to violate our Bill of Rights and defend overseas borders in order to keep us safe.

I hear Congressman Murphy was too busy over the weekend to face the homefolks at the 3rd District Convention. It is my understanding that Murphy has no Democrat opponent in the coming election. I know nothing about his Libertarian opponent, but he has my vote. He can't be worse than what we have now. Our present-day representative is a far cry from Walter Jones.
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 8:43 am )
Greg Murphy is a worthless RINO hack who needs to be replaced. I hope he will have a conservative primary opponent in 2026, but I will not wait for that. It is time to vote Libertarian against Murphy this November.

Trump needs a thorough housecleaning at all of these corrupt agencies when he resumes the presidency. Fire them ALL and start again from scratch.

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