As gas prices are on the rise again, Biden moves to choke off new oil supply | Eastern North Carolina Now

It was a whole series of moves against our oil supplies in the early days of the Biden regime that led to spiraling gasoline price rises and fueled inflation.  Now as we see garoline prices rising again, Biden is back to his old tricks and has just taken action to choke off new US domestic oil supply from Alaska.

Biden cares more about his woke globalist ideology than he does about the pocketbooks of the American people.

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Big Bob said:
( April 25th, 2024 @ 3:07 pm )
Asked and answered.
( April 25th, 2024 @ 1:52 pm )
To see the manipulation of data by the climate alarmist mad scientists one only has to read the actual Climategate emails themselves. No interpretation by anyone else is even necessary. For those who have forgotten, someone got into the email server for the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia, the UK's lead "science" unit on global warming / climate change. There were emails back and forth with leading US figures in the climate alarmist science clique like Dr. Michael Mann. The climte alarmists own words are what nail them.
Big Bob said:
( April 25th, 2024 @ 1:06 pm )
Just because a few crackpot innerweb sites told you so....doesn't make it real.

Btw in a more recent whether news it sure is getting Stormy is NY. Big Stormy storms. And I heard a cold front just blew into AZ. Roodles and Marky Mark encountering some heavy weather. Hehehe.
( April 25th, 2024 @ 12:05 pm )
You fully understand that the climate scientologists have adjusted and manipulated climate data to the point that none of it can be trusted? Right? Look up the Climategate email dump and you will see the smoking gun on that. You fully understand that smog is a very different issue from the climate alarmist's crusade, don't you?

Oh, and my trips to California were for professional conferences. Never had any real desire to see the California Disneyland.
Big Bob said:
( April 25th, 2024 @ 9:04 am )
You fully understand climate data and pollution levels are not based on your last Disney trip. Right? Asking for a friend.
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 9:43 pm )
I remember smog, decades ago when I visited California, but even then never saw it in NC. For the last few decades, they have not even had smog in California. I agree that if Bob is "choking on fossil fuel emissions", he must be in China or some other Third World country where it is still happening.

The mindless crusade of the climate cult is destroying the quality of life for citizens, and is also hurting the environment.
Big Bob said:
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 4:33 pm )
Btw- I am a big fan of their food.
Big Bob said:
( April 23rd, 2024 @ 12:36 pm )
No, it didn't. Through a lot of environmental legislation, we have reduced air pollution greatly but the shear amount of fuel combusted cannot be mitigated.
Its true I'm not an economist but I do know:
You cant eat money
You cant drink money
You cant breath money.
The person with the most money does not win.
When you meet God and He askes you why you took a dump on His creation, to acquire more money may not be a sufficient answer.
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 9:38 pm )
Bobbie may have just outted himself as an internet troll from China. The US eliminated smog from fossil fuels decades ago, but China has failed to do so to this day. So if Bobbie is "choking on fossil fuel emissions" he must be sitting in a troll factory in China.

Bobbie is also clearly economicly illiterate as he does not seem to understand the economic implications of the globalist climate policies.
Big Bob said:
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 9:22 pm )
You're an idiot.
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 1:25 pm )
Who is choking on Biden's climate cult crusade are American consumers and taxpayers. In driving emergy prices higher, Biden has fueled inflation because energy makes up part of the cost of everything sold. Biden's high deficit spending also fuels inflation, and much of that deficit spending has been related to the climate cult, which ought to be called Climate Scientology. His falsely named "Inflation Reeuction Act" was instead a "climate" bill that actually drove up inflation.
Big Bob said:
( April 22nd, 2024 @ 9:55 am )
We are all choking on fossil fuel emissions. Enough.
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