Trump promises to target offshore wind turbines to save whales on day one | Eastern North Carolina Now

In his rally at Wildwood, New Jersey, President Trump pledged to save the whales which are being killed by development of offshore wind turbines by issuing an executive order to target those wind turbines on his first day in office.  New Jersey is one of the states that has seen in big upsurge in dead whales washing ashore since development of offshore wind turbines began.

Trump is taking a stand for the real environment against industrialization of our oceans, while Biden remains captive of the fake environmentalists of the climate cult.  In addition to killing whales and other marine mammals, offshore wind turbines are also devastating to sea birds.  They also are one of the most expensive ways to make electricity.

Environmentalist Michael Shellenberger, who formerly worked for Obama climate initiatives and for the UN's IPCC, and who has written a book apologizing for his previous support of climate alarmism. has a new documentary produced in association with Environmental Progress, out on the plight of the whales from the offshore wind turbines entitled "Thrown to the Wind":

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Big Bob said:
( May 16th, 2024 @ 9:20 pm )
Time will tell.
( May 16th, 2024 @ 11:18 am )
The "wind that will blow it all away" on offshore wind turbines is called a hurricane, and if we rely on these whale and bird killers for power, then after a bad hurricane, we will probably be without power for many months.

Read that book by Shellenberger. It may get you out of your crazy climate cult. You need to stop drinking their kool aid, Bobbie.
Big Bob said:
( May 15th, 2024 @ 10:00 pm )
I stand by my posts on the topic. In 2024, anyone who thinks the wind will blow it all away, is in fact, an idiot.
( May 15th, 2024 @ 9:31 am )
Look in a mirror if you want to see an idiot, Little Bobbie. All you do is blindly follow the crazy climate cult and their wacky tunnel vision. They are the biggest doomsday cult in history, and you are a stupid lemming marching off the cliff with them.

If you want to escape from that cult, try that book by Michael Shellenberger, a true environmentalist who was once caught up in that cult too but after thinking it all through for himself, escaped from it.
Big Bob said:
( May 15th, 2024 @ 9:08 am )
And that's why you are an idiot.
The cost has never been zero, just small. increased use has increased the cost to climate altering proportions.
( May 14th, 2024 @ 7:29 pm )
The "emissions cost" is zero. The cost of the scrubbers that take out the real pollutants like sulphur dioxide are already included in that wholesale price that is charged to the long island power agency. That there is any financial detriment from CO2 is just a fantasy of the climate cult. Those offshore wind turbines have a whole lot of damage to the environment that is shown in that film for Environmental Progress that is not being paid for by anyone. Wind turbines are an environmental horror story, whether on land or sea.
Big Bob said:
( May 14th, 2024 @ 4:44 pm )
Nope. I just factor in the cost of the emissions.
( May 14th, 2024 @ 12:11 pm )
LIttle Bobbie seems stuck on Common Core math. The conventional power that the Long Island power agency buys IS fossil fuel power, and it is one-third the cost of power from that offshore wind development.
Big Bob said:
( May 14th, 2024 @ 10:42 am )
Yet a fraction of the cost of fossil fuels.
( May 14th, 2024 @ 7:32 am )
The cost to consumers of offshore wind power is enormous. The New York Post reported that the wholesale contract price for electricity from the South Fork Wind Farm, the first offshore wind project to go into wervice in the US is more than three times higher than the wholesale contract price for conventional electricity. Consumers get gouged for this stuff.

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