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former Obama Democrat pro-Hmas nominee will take votes from Biden


The results of the 2024 Libertarian convention should be helpful to President Trump as they have nominated a presidential candidate much more likely to take Democrat votes than Republican.   Nominee Chase Oliver is a former Democrat and Obama supporter who is stressing support of Gaza and opposition to Israel in his campaign. He is openly homosexual and supports open borders, men in womens sports, gender transitioning of children, mask and vax mandates, and decriminalizing all drugs.

The Libertarian Party is split into two wings, and Oliver narrowly edged out the choice of the more Republican friendly wing, while another large faction supported not running a candidate at all.  Oliver's left-Libertarians stress anti-war, anti-military, pro-drug, gay rights, and open borders issues, while the right-Libertarians stress low taxes, less government, and personal freedom.  Both groups support some things strongly like gun rights.

The division within the Libertarian Party was shown by the mixture of cheers and booes received by President Trump and Vivivek Ramaswamy when they spoke at the convention.  By narrowly choosing a left-Libertarian nominee, the party not only motivates its right-Libertarian members to vote for Trump but it will now challenge Biden for some of his own base.  The pro-Gaza theme Oliver showcased in his acceptance speech shows that the party is targeting disgruntled pro-Hamas Democrats for their fall campaign.

The Libertarian vote in November will come at Biden's expense, not Trump's., and that is a good thing for America.

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( May 27th, 2024 @ 3:49 pm )
What is particularly weird is the dufference with the leading small "l" libertarian in Congress, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky, who is also the only medical doctor in the Senate, and led the fight against the mask and vaccine mandates, and he was supported in that opposition to mask and vaccine mandates by the small "l" Libertarians in the House. Now, here is a capital "L" Libertarian Party nominee for president supporting that government overreach on mask and vaccine mandates. It is clear that this Oliver dude is still the Obama Democrat he used to be, not a real libertarian.

But I agree, his nomination is good for Trump and bad for Biden.

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