Are RINOs sabotaging bill against sanctuary counties for illegal alien criminals? | Eastern North Carolina Now

House RINOs seek changes to already weak Senate bill


Several Democrat sheriffs in North Carolina have made their counties "sanctuary counties" for illegal aliens who commit crimes in North Carolina.  They do that by refusing to turn over to ICE or even notify ICE they are holding these illegal alien criminals  (All Republican sheriffs and a majority of Democrat sheriffs cooperate with ICE on these matters).

There have been efforts in the legislature, including a current bill, to require these sheriffs to follow federal procedure when they hold an illegal alien convicted of a crime.  In a previous session, the House passed a strong bill to clamp down on these sanctuary county policies of liberal sheriffs, but RINO Senate boss Phil Berger killed it there.

In this year's session, a somewhat weaker bill has passed the Senate, but RINOs in the House are now demanding changes.  The House member in charge of making those changes is RINO Destin Hall, the establishment GOP candidate for Speaker next year.  Hall is notorious for being a "fixer" for the special interest lobbyists, so this raises eyebrows about the bill being further watered down in the House, if not killed again outright.

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( May 28th, 2024 @ 4:44 pm )
Sanctuary cities, counties, and states for illegal aliens need to be put out of business. Criminal illegal aliens released in one county may well move to another to commit their next crime. The criminal element is becoming more pervasive among the illegal aliens coming into our country and also Europe in recent years. Legislation to crack down hard on sanctuary jurisdictions for illegal aliens is badly needed.

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