Carteret County Commissioners Meeting This Week | Beaufort County Now | I have just been notified that the Carteret County Commissioners will have a special meeting this week, about making improvements to their Tall Structure Ordinance.

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Carteret County Commissioners Meeting This Week


    I have just been notified that the Carteret County Commissioners will have a special meeting this week, about making improvements to their Tall Structure Ordinance.

    Thanks to Chairman Greg Lewis for supporting this, and to the several Commissioners who specifically asked for this critically important meeting.

    The meeting is open to the public, and will be at 10 AM on Friday morning, at the normal Beaufort county complex (2nd floor).

    At the request of some Commissioners I had put together a Bullet Points list of the key items needed to be done.

    For anyone who prefers getting into more details, I also provided a line-by-line commentary of the current ordinance.

    [Note: all the Commissioners, and Planning department people have both of these items.]

    Citizens should attend this meeting to show their interest in fixing our first line of defense against the proposed Mill Pond project.

    If you are unable to come, please express your concerns to Chairman Greg Lewis , while copying the other Commissioners [,,,,,].

    Alternatively you can send an email to all Commissioners via Jeanette Deese .

    If you want to keep it simple and to the point, just ask that the submitted Bullet Points be adopted, immediately. Use your own words.

    Let me know any questions.

    It is only through your support that these good developments are happening. Thank you!

    John Droz, jr.
      physicist & environmental advocate

    PS  -  WHY are these changes needed? Here is an answer that I gave earlier today:

    The two main economic drivers for Carteret County are the Military and Tourism. Mill Pond is a direct, substantial threat to both of these. For example, using conservative studies, this project will result in a net economic loss to Carteret County of some $13 million a year, plus a net jobs loss of over 100 jobs a year. [That is just from tourism and agriculture loss, not the military impact. Cherry Point has about a $2 Billion annual economic impact on the area, and this project definitely increases the likelihood that Cherry Point will be a BRAC casualty.]

    Mill Pond is only proposed here for one artificial, unsubstantiated, political reason: Senate Bill 3. There is no proven net benefits for wind energy, anyplace in the world. This is a lobbyist created scheme that is a net detriment to taxpayers, ratepayers, the business community, nearby homeowners, and the environment. (See our webpage that cites hundreds of studies that support this statement.) With all this understood, why would the Governor, DENR, DHHS, or even the Department of Commerce support such a ruse?
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