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Liberals have long misused words to suit their needs, and often embrace the banning of some words to suit other needs. Semantics obfuscation is an important tool of the Liberal. Now, here in Beaufort County, nominal Republicans embrace the Liberal's tool of talk.

After getting a good long laugh over the Don Cox hit piece depicting me as a school yard bully, I became a bit more reflective. Would Teddy have taken a similar view?

    Liberals have long misused words to suit their needs, and often embrace the banning of some words to suit other needs. Semantics obfuscation is an important tool of the Liberal. Now, here in Beaufort county, nominal Republicans embrace the Liberal's tool of talk.

    Liberal's employ this approach to speak directly to their low information base voters, using key phrases and words like: 'Republican War on Women' to denounce the Republicans' challenge to state supported Abortion and Contraception on Demand; 'Save the Planet' to support public funding for Democrat cronies like Solyndra; and now Michelle Obama's 'Initiative on the Elimination of Bullying'.

    No one likes a bully. I know because I have been bullied. As a practicing conservative Republican in a Democrat County, with more than our share of practicing RINOs, I am bullied on a regular basis. I'm use to it, just as I am use to taking strong stands on principled positions that have been, and will continue to be the catalysts for my punishment politically, as well as from a social and business perspective here around Washington, North Carolina - a very liberal town. Who knows, possibly the bullying that I encounter, because I will not knuckle-under to the elitist whim of special interests, here in western Beaufort County, may well have afforded me the grist to create a political philosophy, and an online media product where these respective focuses exceed all respective county (save Hood), and regional (save no one) competition ... and, accordingly, it just keeps getting easier to remain on top to do so ... so maybe, for some folks, there is an upside to being bullied ... hmmmm.

    In full retrospect, bullying reaches back farther in my life when there actually were 'schoolyard bullies' and lunch money pirates. When I was young, and very thin but wiry, my father impressed upon me to never shrink away from a just fight, so ... I got my 'butt kicked' bloody more than once protecting myself, and my friends until one day it just stopped. Whether I won the last fight or two ... or three, or evolved into one of the hardest hitting linebackers on a very good Washington Pam Pack team (probably in the conference as well), is open to debate, but I was left well alone by bullies. My teammates, Black and White - during those early days of Integration - were all my good friends, and they knew well that I was not one to be trifled with.
The hilarious Don Cox mailer, which, ironically, he actually takes very seriously. That is what makes this all so very funny.    Click the image to expand

    Ironically, now that I have been accused of being the 'schoolyard bully', along with fellow Republican Keith Kidwell, it is apparently well acknowledged by these nominal Republicans that Keith and I must be the front runners in the Republican primary for the nomination to run for Beaufort County Commissioner, or the hit piece would have been directed at others. Moreover, it is well chronicled that I do take strong stands against the special interests of corporate welfare, so obviously, these neo-Establishment Republicans believe that by attacking someone of my principled stature, they will buy themselves votes from the more unprincipled RINOs, the self-serving Elites; the ones that mindlessly babble about commissioner conduct, and, conversely, don't have a clue why, there remains:

   •  Overbuilt public school capacity (approaching 25% from studies) - much of it built, egregiously, in the wrong locations;

   •  Unwise allotment of Beaufort County's governmental (the People's) franchises that are our charge to protect and defend, which directly led to Belhaven's current sewer problems that now beleaguers its' municipal citizenry;

   •  A new bridge (Highway 17 Bypass) spanning our bisecting river, built west of Washington rather than east of the county seat, where exists the vast majority of Beaufort County's immense area;

   •  The 'Chickengate' scandal, and the resultant lawsuit from Beaufort County's then abjectly misdirected, misguided school board, the SBI investigations, the backroom multi million dollar negotiated payoff in a magnificent funding package to make 'Chickengate' go away;

   •  An ineffective economic development program for 12 years, costing over 10 million dollars for what?

   •  A hospital owned by the county, and grossly mismanaged for nearly a decade by special interest, with RINO controlled Beaufort County government oversight, which was literally given away to the lowest bidder, at the behest of RINOs, because it solely represented the independent needs of special interests;

   •  And now, a proposed jail, and sheriff's office, to be built in the southwest corner of Beaufort County, 6 miles from the county seat at a cost in excess of 20 million dollars, with no explanation from the Democrats and one RINO as to why.

    Seriously, nominal Republican Don Cox, and those who would buy his sophistic view of governing in today's trying times, are not the true leaders in our community, and should not be allowed anywhere near a board of county commissioners ... especially if they are so-called Republicans.
Don Cox says, "I won't embarrass you", but you have to ask yourself: Will Don Cox stand for you in this representative government? Does he even understand that politics is, and has always been, 'Bloodless Warfare' on the ever shifting American landscape of governing? My first blush of this unknown wants-to-be-liked-above-all-else politician: It is not whether he would understand these truths to take that stand, but rather, is he really capable of standing strong for you, us, in these tough times now, and certainly ahead? I, naturally, have my grave doubts.

    And while I may have my doubts about a possible Beaufort County Commissioner Don Cox, I'm sure Michele Obama would be quite proud of the Sophistic Mr. Cox's, however misguided, strict view of bullying.
   Click the image to expand

    Consider this one truth: I don't know Don Cox. He has never involved himself in any conservative Republican's campaign over the years, and since I am a busy guy, and have no time to frequent bars, we have never met. Still, it would have been wise for the Sophistic Mr. Cox to study up on the subject of what it takes to be a county commissioner before he decides it is his life's ambition to become one. If he really was a serious contender, you don't begin by attempting to tick off the Republican leadership, and that is myself and Hood Richardson.

    Furthermore, for the Sophistic Mr. Cox, here is the way this all works: You don't attack the county's most consistently Conservative county commissioner in this race, actually, in any commissioner race in modern history, outside of my good friend Hood Richardson, and offer, as your points of promise: that you will hold the line on taxes, cut regulations (which are not a commissioner issue - State and Federal issues), and make nice with Democrats and RINOs, without saying how. Now, this is hilarious to those of clarion thought, and it makes anyone with a full working brain wonder: Just whose vote is Mr. Cox seeking in this Republican primary?

    Is Mr. Cox seeking to pick off Al Klemm's RINO vote, because if he is, I am now seeing that he may have some competition for Al's dwindling base vote? If Mr. Cox's desire to berate my person to pick-off those that have elected me 5 times, often by wide margins, is partly his purpose ... well, good luck with that. This might not be the best year for that, especially since I have been actively campaigning since March 1, and that won't end until after the first Tuesday in November.

    You see, when times get tough, and they surely are for the real folks that work for a living, they generally vote for the toughest nut in the bunch. They seek honesty, conviction and real knowledge. Moreover, they seek resilience, and these qualities are ones that I, in all humility, do possess. Even the false accusation of me being the 'schoolyard bully' tacitly intimates that I am that 'tough nut' that they should stick with, they understanding well that I will help lead the significant changes that Beaufort County desperately needs, should this election produce a real Republican majority. Don Cox's espousing that he will make nice with those that have stuck my constituents with all manner of bad governing, here in our county government, will not win Mr. Cox many Conservatives; certainly not the knowledgeable ones.

    Accordingly, for any of you that might think that my style of direct talk, which is my standard, does signify that I am that 'schoolyard bully', know this, I begrudgingly thank Mr. Cox for sending out this mailer. First, my political gut tells me that he unknowingly, and at some great personal expense, helped me acquire a few extra votes that I might not have normally gotten. Secondly, I got a good belly laugh out the photo-shopped image of me and Keith, and so did my Pinetown campaign director, Shirley Richardson, who was with me when we first saw the mailer.

    At that silly moment, I chortled "Hey Shirley, check out Keith. I'm getting ready to sell him on placing his tongue on that metal pole to see if it sticks ... you know ... A Christmas Story."

    That might have been the high point of our time together, and we had a pretty good time in Pinetown, enjoying some delicious barbecue at the Volunteer Fire station. We both laughed our 'fool heads off'. I sure hope Keith Kidwell got as much of a kick out of this silliness as we did.

    Would Theodore Roosevelt derive the same measure of humor out of this foolish 'hit piece' from a political neophyte, like Don Cox? Probably. One can imagine that rouge Republican of yesteryear chuckling a bit, then making a similar rousing rebuttal, and, ultimately, summing all this nonsense up in just one word: "BULLY!"

Considering that Beaufort County may build a new jail /sheriff's office: What should be the best course?
7.51%   Build a modern jail/S.O. in the southwest corner of the county
43.3%   Build a modern jail/S.O. behind the courthouse in the county seat
49.2%   Do not build a jail/S.O. anywhere
746 total vote(s)     Voting has Ended!

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