"America is 'War Weary'" | Eastern North Carolina Now | Granted, the "War Weary" case may be the reality for some; however, please understand this one truth: ISIS or ISIL (Obama speak) does not do polls to tap into the pathos of those that they subjugate, and "War Weary" is not a consideration for them.

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    Granted, the "War Weary" case may be the reality for some; however, please understand this one truth: ISIS or ISIL (Obama speak) does not do polls to tap into the pathos of those that they subjugate, accordingly, "War Weary" is not a consideration for them. ISIS is not "War Weary", it is war ready, and for those of the "War Weary" class, many of whom consider: Global Climate Change (no longer global warming); "Women's Reproductive Rights", or extra-Civil Rights for thugs, are the issues of our time, they might need a reality check in the severest of terms as to what may become the most desperate of times.

    The reality is that the murderers that make up the core of ISIS are not al Qaeda, they are worse. They are not the 'J.V. team seeking Kobie Bryant's jersey', as specified by Amateur President Obama, they are pros at fighting from the point of an untrained insurgency to one of a single violent organism that will employ the terror of absolute war upon a people that has known little else for decades. If anything, it is the people of Syria and Iraq, who could claim that they are "War Weary"; not Americans ... not patriots.

    Currently, Candidate Obama is no leader. If he is your leader, then you may be one of his true believers, who is severely disabled in believing much of what that is real, but believe this: Murderers, like ISIS, don't care about your petty party issues of: Liberal guilt, women's rights to free contraception, CO2 emissions, your self-acclaimed freedom from real work at the taxpayers expense. What ISIS cares about is: Will you be ready to fight when the time comes?

    That probable time may be sooner than you may realize for Amateur Obama's depiction of the ISIS 'J.V. team'. ISIS has promised to bring the war to America's shores, and to that end, they are recruiting American radical Islamists to kill your precious sons and daughters. You have to know that if these murderous Islamists get their "rocks off" beheading and crucifying their own kind: Can you only imagine how thrilled they would be to do the same to your children?

    Do you sincerely believe that these evil Islamists will be deterred if you decry how "War Weary" you are, or that you wish to apologize, like Amateur Obama did after his first election, to all Muslims for 'God knows what' America did to them, as if that will save your children from the cruel blade or the bloody cross?

    If smitten Liberals believe that their Amateur Commander-in-Chief is ready, or even qualified to lead us to war: Don't worry, he probably won't. Remember, the 'Amateur': only recently has begun using the 'T' word; he did nothing during the cataclysmic Arab Spring; has done nothing in Syria after 'drawing a line in the sand', which lent strength to ISIL (Obama speak); lied about Benghazi, then did virtually nothing; and lost the Iraq War single-handedly, and is preparing to do the same in Afghanistan; while virtually doing nothing to protect our borders. No wonder most Liberals love 'The Candidate', his multiple golfing vacations, his constant campaigning while doing little else, and his complete disdain for all real Republicans of every stripe.

    Regardless, well-meaning Liberals, Libertarian Isolationists: You are at war, and the sooner you realize it, and prepare for the inevitable, the sooner you will be able to stand with the rest of us, who well know world history, and consequently understand that there will always be evil and that evil hungers for conquest. If all that concerns you now are your pet issues of: climate change; women's free contraception, including abortion on demand; extra-Civil Rights for thugs; and free stuff for you, and your friends; know that cruel death is at your door, and when it comes, its cold embrace will be final.

    Candidate Obama's 'J.V. team' is war ready, battle-hardened, while the sum of the "War Weary" will be no match for their evil Islamist ambitions. If ISIS is not destroyed, many of your precious children may surely perish, just as surely as Iraqi Christian parents saw the life run out of their beloved offspring. Do you not think these bereaved parents would have delivered a death blow to their children's murderers if they were capable to do so.

    My America is ready to deliver that death blow to this particular evil, whether you, or your president are not. If there be two America's of this particular thought, know that some of us will prepare, and one day, we shall find leaders, who don't put their personal ambitions ahead of the safety of our country. The presidency is certainly no place for disinterested amateurs.
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( August 29th, 2014 @ 12:52 pm )
President Bush at least worked to protect his people.

While Iraq had its problems, he won the war, and preserved the peace with the Surge.
( August 29th, 2014 @ 12:17 pm )
I hate to tell you, Stan, but taking a vacation in Texas is the same as playing golf with far less frequency!

I noted the pics taken of him cutting trees on his ranch. The dumb sucker was shooting sawdust rather than chips! Proof positive that none of his ranch hands nor Secret Service Agents knew how to sharpen a saw --- and he could not keep his out of dirt!!!

I have a term for such characters, but ministerial propriety keep me from the "DF" description! The guy had trouble pronouncing his words right even with a script! Old Ronnie Reagan, at least, could read his script with gusto and proper words!!!

No President is a dictator in this nation--although they are depicted as such. For sure, John Dean told the truth when he reported in "Worse Than Watergate" Mr. Bush saying, "It would be so much easier to run this country if it were as dictatorship---as long as I was the Dictator!"

You might not like it, but "Worse Than Watergate" told more on Bush than he wanted told. He even tried to buy up all the books so they did not get in public hands = made it a best seller as far as numbers go, buddy!!!
( August 29th, 2014 @ 8:56 am )
I'm not here to defend George W. Bush. President Bush made too many mistakes, which I chronicled here in BCN; however, he did work as a president, not play.

Where the whole: Who took the most vacations(?) argument is so disingenuous is that Bush, the younger, predominately took his "vacations" in Plains, Texas - his home.

The better question between the two presidents should be: Who played the most golf, where the government literally takes over most golf course (How much does that cost); and who played politics the most - campaigning rather than working?

I think that would better serve to project a more accurate picture between the two men.
( August 29th, 2014 @ 8:43 am )
One thing about you, Stan, you are consistent in your criticism!

You ignore the simple fact that Bush took way more time off the Obama. He also used Executive Orders in mass during his time in office and Republicans are bitching and moaning over our current President issuing such in the face of a Congress passing NOTHING in the last 6 years to be of help with the economy. They have not begun to address an inequitable Tax Code / clear and full disclosure of campaign finance / the deterioration of our infrastructure and bridges collapsing / the water situation in the far west off the Colorado River. These are but a few of the issues which take priority for me as a voter.

I we could pass legislation against abject hate it might help. Knowing what a miserable failure Prohibition was, we should all admit "you can't legislate morality."
( August 29th, 2014 @ 8:27 am )
The Hell of it is that when the Amateur President is finished vacationing on the people's, and there is a real president back in the White House - a Republican president - I predict that we will get hit again by terrorist, just like last time when Clinton did not kill bin Laden when he had the chance.

That was an error in Clinton's judgement, just like lying (in a very big way) in a deposit, and having multiple affairs on the public's dime.

Amateur Obama's error in judgement has been about everything. Because of his utter indecision, it took him over 100 days to pull the trigger to kill bin Laden once they knew where he lived.

The next terrorist attack will be Candidate Obama's fault, and it will come sooner than many American's think.
( August 29th, 2014 @ 8:15 am )
Stan, my brother --- why don't you save space and words by just saying, "I hate Obummer's guts!" Even in the USCG, my son can tell off a superior officer as long as he starts it with "all due respect, sir."

I don't detect a dab of such in your article.

I know you respect and admire both Ronald Reagan and George Bush as Republicans. BUT George Bush was in charge when when the Twin Towers and Pentagon got blasted by the same haters as we have now in ISIS. Had the passengers not fought back, the 4th plane was headed for the White House! Valiant action by passengers saved that national treasure from hell fire---not a USAF plane performing the Standing Order of "intercept and bring down any hijacked commercial aircraft by any means necessary." Who countermanded that standing order in the hands of any President?

I didn't like George Bush as single bit, BUT I did respect the office he occupied for 8 years. Our President has only less that 2 years left in office before he must step down by law. Old George spent 3 times the vacation time than he has / AND it is seriously disputed how he won Florida over Al Gore --- with the help of his governor brother and their Republican Secretary of State.

Bush did as you are positing = putting boots on the ground in Iraq (when the training and core of Al Qada were elsewhere). The real battle is for the minds of people obsessed with hate and destruction. Even some Americans and British have gone over and done the beheading! Hate and destruction have no country. David Koresh and white supremacists follow the exact same outlook in our borders through the years and into today!

Will more and better arms ever solve hate and destruction? That is the problem, in my view, good buddy.

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