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Cheney in Spotlight over Torture

    Here is the first formal protest over Cheney and Torture. We now know he lives in McLean, VA, an affluent suburb of Washington, DC. It is only about a 3-4 hour car ride from Beaufort County.

    I will provide the car and company to the Editor and all the Conservative writers featured here in Beaufort County Now. We know the public position of Dick Cheney that the evil terrorists deserved being tortured. It did not matter we have a Geneva Convention Accord in the United Nations declaring such acts a War Crime.

    Cornell University provides the basics with links and short descriptions:

    Convention III: One of the treaties created during the 1949 Convention, this defined what a Prisoner of War was, and accorded them proper and humane treatment as specified by the first Convention. Specifically, it required POWs to give only their name, rank, and serial number to their captors. Nations party to the Convention may not use torture to extract information from POWs.

    Convention IV: Under this Convention, civilians are afforded the protections from inhumane treatment and attack afforded in the first Convention to sick and wounded soldiers. Furthermore, additional regulations regarding the treatment of civilians were introduced. Specifically, it prohibits attacks on civilian hospitals, medical transports, etc. It also specifies the right of internees, and those who commit acts of sabotage. Finally, it discusses how occupiers are to treat an occupied populace.

    For those who want to debate this, I suggest you study carefully the full article:

    I, for one US Citizen, want to know what we intend to do with this horrible stain on our reputation as a just nation. It besmears me personally if I am a citizen of the USA!

    There are certain things about law which are black-and-white. Either you were abiding by the speed posted or you were not. Either you are nice and respectful to the blue lighting officer behind you or not. If he charges you with speeding, you have your day at court and you can hire a lawyer or simply talk with the District Attorney who is trying you case. No matter what, a fair and balanced legal system in the US has statutes on the books which control our speeding. They were enacted by the NC Legislature which we elected. In a democracy, we trust them to do the right things for us. We follow our laws or we change them. It starts with "we the people."

    I have dealt with important matters before. The only way to get to the bottom of them is to deal with individuals involved directly, man-to-man / face-to-face. Let's quit speculating and talk with this man! We can get an appointment and, therefore, we are not trespassing. We won't get arrested as did 2 protesters.

    I have talked with Strom Thurmond when I was in SC. I have talked with and shaken hands with Rosalind Carter and President Carter when they dedicated a new building at Emory. At Loris FBC, I officiated at the funeral of the Speaker of the House for SC who had a sudden heart attack and died. All the dignitaries of SC from Governor, to Judges, to Legislators were before me. They were just people like you and me. There is no fear to talk with anyone in this country. We don't have to bow or curtsey even. We have no Kings nor Queens, not even any Lords or Ladies as in the Old World.

    I was the back door neighbor to our Attorney General, Roy Cooper, in Rocky Mount. I did tree work for his father in Nashville. They are both regular folks of honesty. They served their clients as lawyers. Their Law firm of Fields and Cooper represents me in legal matters. I only go to honest lawyers when in need of legal representation. No crooked lawyer will do for me.

    No crooked politician gets my honor or vote. I voted for Paul Tine and Senator Cook and go to the same church as does Mr. Cook. I attended the meetings where our candidates introduced themselves last summer and fall.

    I want to get to the bottom of this with the individuals involved

    no TV interview will suffice. No PR firm is needed. Let's just get in my car and take a trip . . . Lets look them in the eye rather than talk behind their backs . . .

    Come on LET'S GO!!!


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