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    Publisher's note: This post was published on or before Memorial Day, 2015 to contrast the real sacrifice of patriots with the non patriotic Hussein Obama administration; the first presidential administration of its kind in American history. I publish it forward as a reminder of how low Liberal /Socialists will sink.

    Update 052518; In light of improprieties of Barack Hussein Obama's Deep State used as a political arm to exonerate Hillary Clinton, probably guilty of multiple felonies, while framing Republican opponent Donald J. Trump, and those closest to him, by using unconstitutional nefarious methods reserved for Terrorists or Drug Cartels, we offer this post again by bringing it to the fore.

    Update 052619; I am still not over all the wrong promulgated by Barack Hussein Obama; his Fake News media group (the OMG), and, I will never consider him a patriot. NEVER. I pray that we will one day know all of his unjust wrongs leveled against our Republic, and that we may learn from them and never elect another president this pathetic and poor; one so desperately bent on the United States of America's managed demise.

    Update 052822; I was definitely pissed the day I wrote this, and all the years since have not lightened the anger, only compounded my disgust in OUR being governed by non patriot Leftists - Obama, Pelosi, Biden; their mindless, spineless sycophants - not a patriot among them. Memorial Day, the day we honor such great sacrifice by America's greatest patriots and noteworthy citizens, those who rendered unto the most honorable purpose, their courage to make the ultimate commitment for the total sacrifice of their lives for OUR continued freedom is an unmitigated day of reverence to their sacrifice, and while some would argue that I should have a smidge of charity in my heart for the non patriot Democratic Socialist usurper; I do not.

    This unholy juxtaposition of cross purposed people, the worst and the best of US: The dishonest, dishonorable and ignorant greed of the Democratic Socialist politicians, balanced against the selfless acts of those pure patriots, is an unholy reminder of how terrible non patriot politicians are to their corrupted core, immeasurably despicable, and to what extent they would destroy all that is patriotically reverent to achieve the infamous and dastardly collective deed - to destroy this Constitutional Republic and remake it into an Authoritarian nightmare. It is meet and right to memorialize the one while despising the other, and I can hold both in my heart in the full measure both deserve.

    Yeah, I still get pissed when I consider the obvious, especially considering how right I have been, I still am, and will probably remain so for the rest of my days.

The World is a more dangerous place with the expansion of the Murderous Muslims of ISIS. Barack Hussein has no policy to responsibly deal with those that he thought he understood.

    Rimadi, Iraq has fallen, ISIS grows stronger, and Barack Hussein will not engage the 'Jayvee team' on the field of battle. I only bring this up because our warriors have died, and have been maimed, in vain, in favor of the Leftist politics of a disengaged commander-in-chief.

    As a Patriot, I recognize the obvious. So does every other patriot that has fought to defend our nation, and our way of life, that is not embroiled in the 'politics of self', 'the politics of personality', the politics of cult intellect. ISIS, the Islamist Terrorists that gained a major foothold when Hussein Obama lost, then surrendered Iraq to our mortal enemy, Radical Islam, is proving to dysfunctional humans and Islamist Extremists that they are a force to be reckoned with, and would provide a perfect evil purpose to these aspirational murderers.

    Consequently, the Obama policy of leaving the fighting to Iraqi soldiers, actually, anyone other than American service personnel, is not working. More than once now, these pathetic Iraqi cowards have: stripped off their uniforms, thrown down their American-paid-for weapons, abandoned their American-paid-for armor, and completely neglected their American-paid-for training, and did what Americans never do, have rarely done even when fighting against far overwhelming numbers, and RAN. The Iraq Army regularly does this while having overwhelming numbers against their enemy, ISIS, an enemy that Barack Hussein 'trash-talks' as the 'junior varsity' variety, even though he has no concept of how to subdue them.

    Moreover, this trash-talking Liberal's president has never subdued any one group of American hating fighters, and has lost, or is in the process of losing every American War that we were engaged-in before he took office. Incredibly, as the president only to those of cult intellect, Hussein Obama still preaches to them the 'overwhelming danger of Climate Change' as America's greatest challenge to sustain the Republic.

    Switching back to the real World of reality, in discussing the current Rimadi surrender, newly appointed Defense Secretary Ash Carter just recently alluded to this fact of how poorly Obama prosecutes military action by his foreign policy, stating on CNNís "State of the Union": "What apparently happened was that the Iraqi forces just showed no will to fight. They were not outnumbered, but in fact, they vastly outnumbered the opposing force. And yet they failed to fight."

    Even the Osama bin Laden kill was from actionable information acquired directly from the Bush Administration. You remember the 'heinous torture' of those 40 Islamist 'freedom fighters'? Well, that is where we got the trail of information to get bin Laden. We don't get information from Islamist 'freedom fighters' Terrorists any more. That is why the Benghazi Terrorist attack remains unsolved after nearly 3 years. Barack Hussein could care less about revisiting his scandalous attempt to pass this off as the derivative events of a 'despicable video', rather than to take the responsibility of having no foreign policy then, as well as now. Barack Hussein does not concern himself with issues that protect Americans, his issues are issues important to his Liberal base, as if they - extreme Liberal Revisionists, like Howard Zinn - will write the history of his failed presidency, and fool the rest of us into believing the lie that stupid people buy as truth.

What could be more American than the Myrtle Beach boardwalk: Above.     image by Stan Deatherage

    Today, we memorialize all patriots that have died in the service of our nation, and some patriots, who continue to sacrifice, are much saddened that our most current fallen patriots did die in vain ... at least for now. It is our firm desire that one day we will have an executive branch of government that will do as constitutionally prescribed, and protect our People by creating a service environment, that can be wisely implemented, and used to protect Americans, and sustain a functioning American Republic.

    Then, and only then will our fallen heroes' sacrifice be resurrected to serve as a guiding path to a better, braver America. Then, and only then will our American nightmare be over.

Do you consider Election Integrity an issue of some real importance, or just another conspiracy theory interfering with Democratic Socialist political hegemony?
  No, complete access to everyone voting, even in a willy nilly manner, is more important than getting it right by limiting access to those that would commit Voter Fraud.
  Yes, the most inalienable right of real citizens of this Democratic Republic is the Right to Vote, and that right shall remain sacrosanct for perpetuity.
  Again, I don't vote and I don't care.
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( May 29th, 2023 @ 2:07 am )
I was angry, good and angry before Idiot President Biden took office, primarily due to the preceding 8 years of Obama, who was an incredibly poor president as America's First Socialist president, with undeniably disastrous foreign policy skills; chief among them, allowing American service personnel to die, while he could NOT be bothered, at Benghazi.

I reckon Barack Hussein Obama should be most happy; however NOW, by Joe Biden's presence in the White House, Obama is no longer this Representative Republic's worst president in modern times; that would be Idiot President Biden - America's First Idiot President - www.beaufortcountynow.com .
( June 4th, 2015 @ 4:07 pm )
I looked Agape Love up for you Stan ---

Definition: Agape is selfless, sacrificial, unconditional love, the highest of the four types of love in the Bible.

This Greek word and variations of it are found throughout the New Testament. Agape perfectly describes the kind of love Jesus Christ has for his Father and for his followers:

Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. The one who loves me will be loved by my Father, and I too will love them and show myself to them.
(John 14:21, NIV)

Pronunciation: uh-GAH-pay

Example: Jesus lived out agape by sacrificing himself for the sins of the world.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 3:34 pm )
Prisoners have Love on one set of knuckles and Hate on the other.
Hits from both are painful. I forgot who told me. Gone BCN surfing.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 3:13 pm )
Same old "'HATE' Speech" from Gene.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 2:55 pm )
Sorry. Just passing through. I was following the Latest Comments Section to find some new Commentors.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 2:40 pm )
For me, there is little difference between Liberals and those squishy Middlecrats you are so fond of.

Middlecrats, in today's America, easily qualify as Liberals when it is time to move an issue. When it is time to 'stand and deliver', they tend to suffer from lack of principles syndrome.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 2:31 pm )
Go ahead, Stan, and Google Agape Love to see what I am talking about, buddy!

I guess we could both use some education on Conservative vs. Liberal and that is another subject, my friend. Do you dare to look up Moderate???
( June 4th, 2015 @ 2:10 pm )
It is still just "'HATE' Speech" to me.

Google Browser Find Tool: Ctrl + F, put hate in drop down box. You have to do it when looking at the HTML code.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 2:03 pm )
Stan--- if you will kindly read I Corinthians 13 as verses 1-4 define Agape Love, you will find I am confronting you and others who hate from the perspective of love and what it means to more of us than you think --- in your Liberal-Hate World, my friend.

Now, Stan---cite the "6 instances" to us, if you can!
( June 4th, 2015 @ 1:55 pm )
Gene, not everyone is into "'HATE' Speech" like you are possessed to be.

In fact, in your last post, there were 6 instances of "'HATE' Speech". It has become your M.O.
( June 4th, 2015 @ 1:47 pm )
Bobby Tony + Stan --- had the newbie, Bobby, been participating in BCN and see the non-stop barrage of disrespect foisted by Stan as TRUTH, it is not hard to call it HATE. My threshold is more than high---having been a Southern Baptist minister since 1970 to the present. I watched the same kinds of Conservatives use hate and lies to claim they were the real Baptists and the rest were going to hell.

Those who can only point a finger of criticism and never note the 3 fingers pointing back at their hearts are in for a surprise one day at the Throne of Judgement where God sees the heart and is not fooled. It is far better to cite HATE in this time than to find out I was absolutely right before God . . .
( June 4th, 2015 @ 10:57 am )
Damn, Bobby Tony. That's a bingo.

That is why I only accuse people of the obvious. No one other than my wife, and, on occasion, my children knows what goes on in my heart.

Only she has paid the price to know these things.
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