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    Publisher's note: Brant Clifton uses the words of others, in part, to remind us even Republicans make some terrible decisions in his "bare knuckles" Conservative online publication known as The Daily Haymaker.

    Dingbat disease is spreading from the Second Congressional District over to the Seventh. We wrote earlier about Renee Ellmers's mind-blowing defense of TPA and TPP. It appears David Rouzer is headed down that same path:

    "Passing TPA is critical to reestablishing and asserting American leadership in the world. Our allies want to know that America is committed to trade and leading the global economy. They want to see proof that the foreign policy of the Obama Administration is a temporary aversion from America's traditional position of strength and engagement - not a permanent one. Passage of TPA sends a strong signal that America is back on the world stage and ready to lead. Furthermore, this bill puts in place specific criteria that must be adhered to when negotiating trade agreements. It requires consistent consultation with Congress, and also requires trade agreements to be made public, so that the American people and Congress can evaluate them thoroughly. Currently, this president and administration are not obligated to follow these measures - passing TPA changes that," said Congressman David Rouzer.

    Okay, hold up. We NEED this to pass so Congress can be consulted and included? We ALREADY have a 200 year-plus old requirement for that - Article 2, section 2, clause 2 of the US Constitution ! If the president negotiates an agreement with foreigners, it has to be ratified by our elected representatives on Capitol Hill. bill-cosby-500

    And Rouzer expects us to believe this legislation - whose details are kept under lock and key and out of public view - is going to guarantee future transparency? Don't tell me that's rain, congressman. It smells and looks way too much like urine.

    "Opening new markets for our businesses and farm families in Southeastern North Carolina is critical to economic growth here in the 7th Congressional District. TPA puts a process in place that makes it easier to open foreign markets to sell our products and create more jobs. Even more important, it means America will be writing the rules of the global economy - not China."

    Nope. Hard work, investment capital, smarts, some luck, and government staying out of the way are CRITICAL to economic growth.

    Again, there are all kinds of folks who do this type of thing all the time with a little thingie called The Internet. This Internet thing is an amazing device for connecting people around the world. I've got friends who have done it. I've done it myself in my businesses. And I didn't need the taxpayers or Washington or Raleigh to help!

    This is getting ridiculous. What is THE REAL story here? Has someone been handing out really good bribes campaign contribution checks?
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( June 17th, 2015 @ 6:52 am )
As usual, Conservative hate speech diverts attention from real problems . . .

(1) A failed Trickle Down tax code and policies favoring the rich and corps.
(2) The fact that most corps have taken their tax savings to foreign countries with child labor and no environmental regulations as the trickle their new wealth back into their Offshore banking accounts, thereby depriving American banks of initial money to lend to qualified Americans.
(3) The abject obstruction of the Legislative Branch toward the Executive Branch with the Judicial Branch being skewed to Conservatism over the last many years on the assumption that "only conservatives are right."

We are at the 200+ years examination of the "Great Experiment in Democracy" and the real question is --- DO WE LEAD BY EXAMPLE / DO WE LEAD BY MILITARY POWER THREATENING EVERY MOVE BY OTHERS IN THIS WORLD?

Over half our national discretionary budget is spent on war. Here is the site that keep the ticker on our war spending. See what could be done with the same money spent of more worthy pursuits than INVASION:

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