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My VisitTo The Post Office

    Bobby Tony commented on my Blog Posting entitled ... Making Clerks Friendlier.

    He said, "All the friendly people work at the post office or tag office now."

    That's funny but it also conjures up a one of my favorite Foolishness...Or Is It blogs. Enjoy!...

My Visit To The Post Office

    A while back (in 2008) I blogged a piece called Dear Mr. New President. Two of my requests to our new president were...

  • Postal Service ... Require that the Counter Agents at the Post Offices smile once an hour.

  • Postal Service Again ... Require that Counter Agents not go on break as soon as the number of people waiting in line gets to six.

    A couple of days ago I needed to go to my local branch and I found out that the president has completely ignored my very worthwhile requests. I sure hope he is working on something important.

    Here is my sad tale...

  • When I walked in there was only one counter agent position manned by a somewhat alive counter agent.

  • I was the eighth person in line.

  • Within a minute of my taking up my position, a very bored and very slow second counter agent appeared from behind the wall where agents hide while they ignore their anxious and patiently waiting customers.

  • She was going so slow that I feared that she had stopped breathing, but she had not, and eventually she took up her position.

  • She did not look at her anxious and patiently waiting customers but proceeded to fiddle with stuff on her counter for about sixty seconds.

  • She then mumbled something that sounded like, "next".

  • Within ninety seconds of the arrival of counter agent number two, counter agent number one went on break.

  • He walked away faster than his compatriot had walked up (they always walk away faster than they walk up).

  • Within moments he was behind the Hiding Wall and sitting in his government issued Lazy-Boy and drinking one of those fruity drinks with an umbrella in it.

  • After about three minutes a third counter agent came around the Hiding Wall walking as slow as her co-"worker" had walked but in mid-stroll she turned around and disappeared again.

  • After about sixty more seconds, she reappeared and took up her station.

  • Now we had two Public Servants servicing us and we were ready for business.

    As further proof that our new president is ignoring my request to him, at no time did any one of the three agents smile. In all fairness, I am compelled to admit that agent number one did begin to crack a smile a moment before he disappeared behind the Hiding Wall. In all honesty I don't think that is the kind of smile I was thinking about when I made my requests in Dear Mr. New President.

    When I left the post office there were ten customers waiting in line.

    Would I Kid u?


( February 26th, 2016 @ 4:54 pm )
For a while, I was a partner in a loan business after retirement. We placed liens on the Auto loan title. Once a week we had to go to the tag office in Dekalb County Georgia to file the liens. We completed the paper work before going. All the clerks had to do was just to stamp the receipt date and time with a time clock and accept the check for the lien fee.

There was a large computer generated sign that said something to the effect of:
"Do not talk on your cell phone while we are processing your paperwork".

Inevitable the clerks would be talking on their cell phone the whole time they processed the lien paperwork. We did not dare complain because your lien would be mysteriously lost during processing which required you to resubmit. Our policy was to have three signed copies of the lien agreement from the customer in case the paperwork was lost. I do not think the back of the sign had the same wording.

No smiles, no thank you, no kiss my grits. Just take a number and wait for your number to be called.

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