Voter ID Ruling A Decisive Victory | Eastern North Carolina Now | After a federal court upheld North Carolina's common sense voter ID law and threw out the radical left's legal challenge, the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) released the following statement...

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Voter ID Ruling A Decisive Victory Over Hillary Clinton, George Soros And Cooper-Backed Special Interests

 Raleigh, N.C.     After a federal court upheld North Carolina's common sense voter ID law and threw out the radical left's legal challenge, the North Carolina Republican Party (NCGOP) released the following statement:

 "This ruling is a decisive victory for North Carolina over George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the Roy Cooper-backed out-of-state special interests who tried to overturn the state's common sense voter ID law, in order to make it easier to cheat in our elections," said NCGOP executive director Dallas Woodhouse. "Despite the scare tactics, misinformation and constant attacks from the radical left, the court threw out their false arguments and ruled that this common sense law is constitutional."

 In his ruling, District Court Judge Thomas Schroeder stated his decision was "based on actual historical facts, rather than speculation." According to the ruling: "After twenty-five days of trial and reviewing over 20,000 pages of record and the testimony of over 20 expert and 100 fact witnesses, and after considerable reflection, the court is in a position to evaluate the effect of SL 2013-381 based on actual historical facts, rather than speculation."

 Last year, the North Carolina Republican Party uncovered millions of dollars from out-of-state and national labor unions being funneled to Moral Monday groups in North Carolina to protest the state's voter ID law. Undercover NCGOP video revealed that out-of-state labor unions bused in members from around the country to protest North Carolina's law.

 The New York Times reported that efforts to repeal and challenge common sense voter ID laws in North Carolina was spearheaded by Hillary Clinton's campaign lawyer, Marc Elias, and bankrolled by liberal billionaire activist George Soros. Additionally, Attorney General and Democrat nominee for governor, Roy Cooper, opposed the Voter ID law and has tried to block it from becoming law.

 Recent campaign finance reports revealed a major conflict-of-interest for Attorney General Roy Cooper, who accepted the maximum campaign contribution from George Soros despite the fact that Cooper's office was charged with defending the state against his lawsuit.

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