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Core Democrats and the Democrat Media have long proved that if not for the Double Standard, they would have no standards at all. At the core of their

    Publisher's note: This ongoing series was begun to cast a proper light on the ongoing Democrat motive to ultimately delegitimize President Trump, while America seeks to regain its national purpose after nearly a decade cast adrift. Also, we make a brave attempt to examine and understand the chronic effects of the Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS); however, we make no assertion that we could ever fully know it at its core. Who could ... in a "legitimate" sense? Click here to follow the entire series.

    Core Democrats and the Democrat Media have long proved that if not for the Double Standard, they would have no standards at all. At the core of who they are, and what they represent is the Democrat Double Standard, which is steeped in hyperbolic hypocrisy; a hypocrisy that knows no bounds.

    When did all this begin? A long time ago, but in recent years has gotten far worse, and is now tolerated by the Democrat Media to the point that the Double Standard of perfect hypocrisy is perfectly accepted on its face as normal procedure, the Double Standard has become a political bludgeoning tool. The Democrat Media employs this tool in a variety of accepted (by the Left only) processes, but chief among them is by their overt selective "journalistic" investigations; investigate everything regarding disfavored Republicans (to the point of making up news), especially on Donald Trump, and investigate little on favored Democrats, most notably of late - Barack Obama.

    Without a doubt, Core Democrats (Liberals /Socialists) would accuse the last two paragraphs as nothing more than Right-Wing Rhetoric. This has happened in debates before when I have been engaged by Leftists, and, remarkably, that is about the extent of their retort. No meat on the bones of the quality of their ideology, or any strength of support within their accusations; they have nothing but Group Think rhetoric in retort, and, on occasion, they throw around words like hate, bigot, racist, with, on occasion, the indelicate vernacular of a few poorly chosen expletives. Many do not even know how to curse effectively, which is odd because they get plenty of practice in today's climate of communication.

    Interestingly, as these Group Think minions are ginned up to use the extent of their indoctrinated knowledge to defend the irresponsible positions of the Left, their leaders - to appear current and cool - are interjecting their own poorly chosen expletives into their communique contribution of the Group Think pool. See here the political operator (who took the Lord's name in vain) ; the New York U.S. Senator, the Democrat Media guy. These core Democrat Leaders may have much in common with their target audience, but chief among those commonalities is the fact that they wish to appear cool and relevant to the Snowflake Generation.

    Why? While the Snowflake Generation may be passionate about the New Age issues that many learned of through their indoctrination (this link was sent me by a Snowflake) by the Education Industry, many have little real knowledge of those very issues, and as to how they may fit into the rich mosaic of surviving within the real terms of a logical World; a logic that will surely return, and when it does return, it will be a cold hard blast of reality, a reality not known for more than a generation. While these Snowflakes may have a difficult time making a salient point, they have no trouble cursing on cue, or hurling senseless invective when bested within a discussion of sensible ideals, which is often the case.

    And, "here is the kicker": The Snowflake Generation will be charged with the care of this nation, however, if this generation does not get any real control (because of the weakness of the generation's overall intellect), this generation will certainly be influential. I am an eternal optimist, so, I am betting on a re-education process for the willing Millennials, and, hopefully, the succeeding generation will be more intellectually curious, and not so damn lazy when it comes to the process of work. Plus, the Democrat party may well implode from its unremarkable, yet overwhelming hypocrisy. We can only hope.

    Meanwhile, we have our Republic to save in this most dangerous World at this time. Our Republic: 1) is nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt; 2) two rouge regimes have or will have nuclear weapons with possible delivery systems to strike the United States; 3) our inheriting generation is an intellectual and unprincipled mess, to whom Socialist Bernie Sanders makes a modicum of fleeting sense; 4) the Education Industry is crumbling under the weight of its own misplaced, misspent purpose; 5) an inefficient, and often corrupt health care system made only dramatically worse by the Socialism of ObamaCare; however, all that Liberals /Socialists can concern themselves with in these dire times is the hypothetical investigation of the President, his election, and their (Socialist's /Liberals') profession of Donald J. Trump's ties to Russia - a nation that these Socialists have had no understanding of, or concern with heretofore.

    When Russia, under the Vladimir Putin regime: 1) hand picked the new Capitalist oligarchs to serve under brutal reign, these now apoplectic core Democrats said nothing; 2) when the Vlad Putin invaded Crimea of the Ukraine, these American Socialists, led by Barack Hussein Obama, did nothing; 3) when their naive and closet Islamist sympathizer president, Hussein Obama, surrendered the squandered victory in Iraq to ISIS, withdrew from any real influence in the Middle East, thus allowing a vacuum that Vladimir Putin happily filled while enabling a nuclear Iran, these vapid Liberals cheered; 4) when Russia hacked into the core database of four million federal workers and the Yahoo email service, Liberals exhibited little concern; however, let there be the whiff of possibility that Russia helped usher in the political demise of an atrocious candidate for president, L. Hillary Clinton, and these core Democrats cry out for newly elected President Trump's Impeachment.

    The Donald J. Trump charge, by core Democrats, of involvement with all things Russia began as a conspiratorial scandal in search of a crime, but quickly became the all consuming rallying mast of the Socialist's /Liberals' "Resistance" movement to obstruct the Republicans in congress, this Republican president, and to openly obstruct any form of governing that does not conform to their Socialist ideals. Obviously, these simple-minded Liberals are unclear as to the fact that our United States of America is historically a Capitalist republic, not a Socialist democracy.

    Which brings us back to one of the possible premises of the Republic's demise which also leads us where an abundance of fuel originates to encourage the fire within the "Resistance" movement - an ill informed, unimaginative, intellectually incurious public (at least part of it). Remarkably, many of these indoctrinated folk are college educated, which speaks volumes about the misbegotten mission of the Education Industry. It is not so much that many of these young folks know more worldly things, it is more that they just do not know stuff to the extent that they are capable of forming an intellect that is not guided by others. Trust me on this one, I've been in enough Facebook debates where these ill informed start their expressed intolerance by comparing their target to Hitler (as in Adolf), then proceed to support this premise with large, misunderstood words like "Hate", "Bigot" "Racist" and here is a new one - "Fascist", and then often devolves into spits and spurts of cursing, but not to sound cool so much, but to display their great conviction.

    The "Hitler" reference mystifies me for it, once again, exhibits a profound lack of knowledge, and a chronic misunderstanding of history, including, sadly, no sense of relative outrage, which prompts one to question: What level of Liberal /Socialist indoctrination was applied to these young minds to stunt them so? Could have been some near idiot educator, or is it the potent influence of the Democrat Media, of which MSNBC's Chris Mathews has lent his vapid presence for decades; see below:

    At some point the abundant irony blooms a thorny rose that is most prickly, and I am reminded of word Fascist being thrown around by these Socialist Liberals, which is a word born from the profound existence of intolerance put into the practice of Fascism, where the extreme needs of an intolerant State exceeds the liberty of the citizen. To compare President Donald Trump to "Hitler", or treat him, and his family as Fascists, while exhibiting unrelenting intolerance toward the President and those that elected him to office is a fanatical hypocrisy.

Remember how Kathy Griffin posed holding the bloody, severed head (ISIS style) of America's President, this is her reaction to her highly questionable action less than two days later.

    Will Kathy Griffin now be sentenced to a brutal prison in the remote corners of America? No, she appears to be publicly sentenced to a period of well placed unpopularity. Poor Kathy Griffin. Is she the victim of Trump "fascist hate"? Not if one deals in what is real. Obviously, some public figures, like Kathy Griffin, struggle with that mighty conundrum.

    Additionally, in regards to intolerance masquerading as art, Central Park played host to a rendition of William Shakespeare's "Julius Cesar", where the lead character is played by an actor made up to perfectly resemble President Trump; et tu brute.

    The Public Theater, who produced this Trump inspired production of "Julius Cesar" consider themselves artists, Kathy Griffin fashions herself not only as a comedian, but as a "performance artist". After the assassination attempt, by a liberal Bernie Sanders supporter, of murdering congressional Republicans practicing for the annual congressional baseball game, where Louisiana Congressman Steve Scalise was gravely wounded, one must question: Is realty practicing to imitate the art made by angry, intolerant Liberals /Socialists?

    Probably so, but what is a sure reality is that the hypocrisy from the Left is here now, and until core Democrats have a proper comeuppance, it will probably remain unabated. After a call for unity in wake of the wounding of Lousiana Congressman Steve Scalise, I watched Democrat House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi stammer through this explanation of dealing with the differences of politicians. Accordingly, perpetually incensed politicians, like Ms. Pelosi, will probably remain pissy and partisan because it works with Liberals; kind of like the whole cursing thing that is now so popular. With the Democrat Media minding the political flanks for their elected leaders, politicians like House Minority Leader will likely continue.

    Would that be ironic, or just old fashioned dishonesty?

    Regardless, it is the constancy of The Double Standard, and core Democrats thrive in that environment where they are treated dramatically different by their base of support, including the Democrat Media, as if they are the greatest American elitists since the bygone days of the Southern Planters, who, by the way, were the most established Democrats of their day. We all know how well that turned out.

In regards to the Russia Election Tampering matter: Is President Trump being treated fairly by core Democrats and the Mainstream Media?
  Yes, the new president is guilty until proven innocent.
  No, President Trump's treatment is dictated by the usual Democrat double standard.
  Don't care; there are more important issues facing America.
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Is the concerted Democrat plan to obfusticate the purpose of government by the unprecedented delaying of President Trump's appointments, while galvanizing with the organized protesters' directive to obstruct the process of governing, at the federal level, working for the Democrat brand?
  Yes, Democrats will finally create a Socialist Progressive utopia if they remain banded together.
  No, the nation is in dire straits, on so many levels, and needs immediate repair.
  I'm busy with my important life, such as it is, and don't care.
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