Golden LEAF Foundation to hold committee meeting August 21, 2017 | Eastern North Carolina Now

Press Release:

    ROCKY MOUNT, N.C., August 18, 2017     Please take notice that Ralph Strayhorn, Chair of the Golden LEAF Investment Committee, has called a special meeting of the Investment Committee for Monday, August 21, 2017, at 2 p.m. The meeting will be conducted via telephone. The purpose of the meeting will be to learn about an investment manager, and no decisions are expected to be made nor votes taken.

    Members of the public who wish to listen may do so at the offices of Golden LEAF Foundation, 301 North Winstead Avenue, Rocky Mount, NC 27804 or you may contact Jenny Tinklepaugh, Communications Officer, at 252-442-7474 for additional information.

  • Contact: Jenny Tinklepaugh

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Manufacturer to Expand in Rowan County Education Industry, Business, Your Economy Space in Time: Volume VII


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