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5 Tips for Effective Communication with School and Teachers during Remote Learning


    Schools going online stopped everyone in their tracks. Students had to learn to deal with going to school online - which is something that's never happened before in history - while teachers had to learn how to work in a completely different environment. Ever since the COVID-19 crisis, you could hear many different accounts of what it's like to teach and learn remotely.

    However, another (very!) important part of the education system slipped under the radar: the parents. This change was drastic, unexpected, and surprising just as much for parents as for students and teachers.

    In this article, we're sharing some of the things that can help you make this transition easier as a parent:

1) Check the bulletin board frequently

    Every school will keep you updated on the most recent events and happening on its bulletin board. However, in times like these, it can become more dynamic and frequently updated, so it's important to check back every now and then.

    You can also check thesis and dissertation writing services in your country and state that talk about distance learning in more detail. Many education experts are now writing about remote learning, its benefits, and drawbacks, so it's also a good idea to check out their essays and publications.

2) Inform yourself about distance learning

    When the pandemic started, the atmosphere in the world and education especially was panicky, uncertain, and anxious. Since those beginnings, we have gone a long way in adapting to this crisis. Many experts have made their contributions to help people deal with the new normal more easily. This applies to education, too.


    Online, you can find plenty of resources from professionals and experts who can teach you how to make the most out of distance learning while your child is going through school remotely. You can attend this free webinar that educates parents on how to approach distance learning.

3) Be available and present

    Every call or text from a teacher is important, but it's even more apparent now. Ensure that you can make yourself available in case a member of the school staff wants to contact you at any time. It doesn't matter what they are calling about. You need to maintain a consistent line of communication in order to get through the remote learning environment and stay in control.

4) Form groups with other parents

    Another great way to stay connected to the school and the community is to form or join parent groups that can offer support. There, you will be able to keep up with all the recent happenings and make sure you don't miss out on anything important.

5) Check in with teachers via different channels

    Most school teachers will also form social media groups (pages), sites or group chats where they can communicate with parents. Before this, it was generally considered inappropriate to use social media channels for parent-teacher communication, but this is another change brought on by the new normal. Whenever you feel like you're losing control over the education process or your child feels misinformed or out of the loop, don't hesitate to contact their teacher.


    It's obvious that the transition to remote learning is hard for everyone, and parents are no exception. That is why it's important to be extra-present in your children's education world and keep in touch with their teachers. Joining groups and chats with other parents can also help: they are all going through the same process, so it's a good idea to share experiences and tips with those who understand you the best.

    About the author: Jessica Fender is an educational blogger and content specialist at Bestwritingadvisor, an informational resource for college students. She enjoys sharing her knowledge with learners of all ages to make schooling easier for them.


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