Commercial Strip on Old Blounts Creek Road Triangulates Two Like Projects | Beaufort County Now | I have a plan; a big plan to develop property, create jobs and make at least my corner of Beaufort County a better place to live. I made this claim regarding Tract A; and, this Tract E, like corner exposed Tract D across the road, is quite similar.

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    I have a plan; a big plan, an evolving plan to develop property, create jobs and make at least my corner of Beaufort County a better place to live. I made this claim regarding Tract A; and, this Tract E, like the bredth of the corner exposed Tract D is quite similar. Tract E enjoys a long visible association with its cousin tract across the road, both tracts have: the same blue line stream frontage within the Rice Patch Creek watershed; high well drained flat hills (no flood insurance needed), for development; good soils to support septic; abundant road frontage where growing traffic slows down due to the Moores Beach Road intersection; water access on the Pamlico River if one wishes to effect a subdivision that is residential or mixed usage.

Price for the entire Tract E is 226,700.00 before any scheduled discount for combined tracts purchased.

Track E has tremendous access to Old Blounts Creek Road (SR 1123), with an estimated 1132' of wide, hard surfaced state maintained frontage. Old Blounts Creek Road is the connective artery for the south side of the Pamlico River, and the long road frontage affords this track outstanding visibility as well, as one can witness by the map: Above. Click image to expand.

    Tract E is just one of many tracts, ranging from Tract A to Tract S, with plentiful road frontage, good soils, high ground, and excellent water access, getting better. Tract E is 7.740 acres, provides .646 mile of permanent trails, with this very versatile tract is being offered for 226,700.00

Large waterfront access lot shown here, which is deeded with every lot of all residential lots sold in this expansive project: Below.     Click the image to get the fully expandable map.

Click here to discover copious information on Tracts A, B, C, D, E, H, I, J, K, S - the other initial tracts for sale - currently offerred, in whole or in part, within this Rice Patch Creek Preserve /Calf Creek Preserve project.

This video, created by SNI Productions, represents deeded waterfront access property that is conveyable for Rice Patch Creek Preserve and Calf Creek Preserve owners: Below.

    Owner /Broker's Update - 120217:    On November 12, 2017, I noticed that someone had trespassed on my property, where the well reported beaver dam crosses Calf Creek (I own all of the property where the beaver dam spanned the Calf Creek run, which created the huge scenic ponding of water as exhibited in this prior map.) While it was disconcerting to recognize that people had trapsed across my property and torn out part of nature's own creation, which did provide a lovely pond, I looked at the situation in a positive manner.

    With pond drying up, I will be able to discern how the creek runs, and will also be able to eventually clear downed trees from the bottom land, and plant other wet natured trees as I see fit. There is a possibility that I could realign a more permanent shore line, allowing a better defined water's edge, which could allow for a broader, more robust use of the hills above the bottom land. This would take a great bit of industry to do so, and, still, at any time - if the beavers were not thoroughly poached by the trespassers - the dam could be rebuilt by these industrious creatures at sometime into the future. If the beavers are not illegally poached, and I pray that they were not, the ponding should return. If it does not, I have this new map of the hills and the bottom land to exhibit for now in the future, whence this map will suffice until I decide what to do with my bottom land property as a potential water resource, which is my right and my responsibility alone.

    For now, and into the future, the land is still being marketed, as manifested by these maps, and change will occur at some pace, as I shall assert my rights of ownership, and encourage others to own here as well.

    Also, I, and my friends who have the long-term hunting rights to my land will, begin to pay very close attention to the possibility of poachers and trespassers, and, if necessary, will prosecute all offenders that are proved as such.

Co-brokerage for the entire tract or multiple individual tracts in a one sale scenario is 3% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance. Co-brokerage for the individual lots is 5% of sales price to the brokerage representing the sales side of the conveyance.

Contact Information Below:

Stan Deatherage,    broker #82765

106 Beechtree Street
Washington, NC 27889

Business: (252) 946-2361  •  Cell: (252) 944-3905  •  email:  •

The owner of this property is Stan Deatherage, who is a real estate broker - the broker-in-charge of Deatherage and Associates - intends to market this property in whole or in part.

The Locational Map provided, here below, gives a reasonably close location of every property for sale, if not removed at some point for whatever matter or purpose, within Rice patch Creek Preserve and Calf Creek Preserve.

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