Have the Elitist Class Finally Overplayed their Poor Political Hand? | Beaufort County Now | The Liberals who fully morphed into Socialists, and the nominal Republicans, who have transformed into Never-Trumpers, have one large realty in common, a reality that they hate; Donald J. Trump is the duly elected president, and they should embrace that firm reality. | President, Donald J. Trump, Liberals /Socialists, Never-Trumpers, Republican George W. Bush, Trumpism, Democrat Barack Hussein Obama.

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Have the Elitist Class Finally Overplayed their Poor Political Hand?

Donald J. trump surely was not my first pick to represent the Republican party, but, I got over it, and learned to embrace this different path ...

    Consequently, the Liberals who fully morphed into Socialists, and the nominal Republicans, who have transformed into Never-Trumpers, have one large realty in common, a reality that they hate; Donald J. Trump is the duly elected president, and they should embrace that firm reality. For at least the next three years, this inevitable truth will play out, and no matter the many planned diversions: the multiple Fake News stories from the Democrat Media, the continued Fake Investigations, or consuming Fake Outrage from Leftists will dim that inevitable actuality from reaching its full potential - a robust Trump presidency.

    That full potential of "Trumpism" is here with us now, and no matter to what extent these Liberals /Socialists, and few remaining Never-Trumpers, diligently work to reverse the fact that Donald J. Trump will serve out his first term, the momentum of this fully working president continues; he will finish his first term with a great platform of many successes, far more than the full eight years of both his predecessors - Republican George W. Bush and Democrat Barack Hussein Obama. The poorly organized, and intellectually inadequate Democrats in congress, their owned bureaucrats in the Department of Justice /FBI, and their pathetic Democrat Media may slow down this President, but they will not stop him, let alone Impeach him.

    After the inadequate presidency of George W. Bush (by this Conservative's estimation), and the utterly corrupt and completely failed presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the United States of America must have a successful administration; and, President Donald J. Trump is proving not only more than capable, but totally committed to that estimable proposition. The man knew little of politics, did not live his life to be clear of personal scandal as some politicians do; however, once it was assured to all of just how imperfect his foibles were, and he did speak inarticulately to many issues, the great preponderance of middle-class Americans, mostly from more rural counties devoid of great centers of population elected Donald J. Trump the 45th president of the United States regardless of the consternation of Ruling Class Elitist and Liberals /Socialists congregated mostly along the north/central eastern and western coasts of the United States. In these heavily populated strips of our American experience Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is more rampant.
President Trump, in his element with America's greatest patriots - Medal of Honor Recipients - from our many wars since World War II. Secretary of Defense James Mattis is far right, standing: Above.     Click image to expand.

    Intellectually debilitating TDS notwithstanding, the 45th president is learning on the job what must be done as president, while surrounding himself with an incredibly talented staff of public servants at the cabinet level, and now below them (when eventually appointed by the senate), as more inept partisan Democrat bureaucrats are sent packing to work elsewhere, where they can do far less damage to the good Americans that elected this president. Notice how the leaks within the White House and elsewhere are beginning to dry-up.

    Still, these obstructionists of the Elitist Governing Class are bent on destroying President Trump and the Trump Agenda, chief among other issues of that most important agenda is draining the Washington, DC swamp of those same self-interested creatures that are driving our Republic to degradation. Rather than beating the political neophyte Trump in the midterm elections, and eventually devastating that Trump agenda in the 2020 presidential election, these core Democrats and few nominal Republicans hope to Impeach the President for "High Crimes and Misdemeanors", but to date, about a year later, these pathetic non patriots have not found one high crime or misdemeanor to hang their obstructionist's hat on. Just the hypothesis of innuendo and constant hyperbole delivered by the Democrat Media, now excellently branded the "Fake News" by President Donald J. Trump; wise use of his energy and his words branding their magnificent obsession of destroying all things Trump; the principles of journalistic regimen be damned.

    While speaking of governing ineptitude, intellectual incompetence, non patriotism, and utter corrupt behavior while governing: How could we leave out the darling of the Leftist Socialists - Barack Hussein Obama?

    Just a few days ago, December 6, 2107 at the Economic Club of Chicago, Hussein Obama's blood was up to the point that felt competent and called to compare President Trump and his administration to "Germany's Weimar Republic", the twilight years of the Republic when "sixty million souls were murdered". Regardless of one's political position, where Obama is a non patriotic Socialist to paint him correctly, a former United States president has never done such, or should never such ever again, or thought to be a supreme idiot, a non patriot (am I repeating myself here; oh well). Well, we are talking about Hussein Obama here; the most abysmal Foreign Policy president in modern times, and the least effective Domestic Policy president as well. A president who did nothing to combat Russia's interference in our 2016 election, even though he knew about what was occurring in real time, and never mentioned it, in effective terms, until after it was clear that Hillary Clinton would not break that pronounced glass ceiling to become the first female president. Substantively, Obama and all core Democrats really did not consider Russia as an adversary, even when it was reported that foreign agents, both China and Russia, hacked into the personnel records and emails of nearly all federal employees, and aquired employees' Social Secuirty numbers. For decades, Russia was not considered a danger in any capacity by core Democrats, and when Republicans drew attention to Russia's election interference, or Russia's obvious regional hegemony, or even Russia's state sponsored hacking, core Democrats treated Republicans with complete disdain, and regarded the specter of any Russian aggression with utter ambivalence.

    Ironically, core Democrats, aided by the Deep State (I never really considered the "Deep State" as an entity until the Trump election, and the first year of his administration) are employing the specter of Russia endeavoring to influence the attitudinal knowledge of American voters by accusing the Trump campaign of conspiring with these Russian agents to do what they did, whatever they did, as All Things Trump accusers make up stuff as they go along. This premeditated exercise has been call Russia Campaign Collusion, and after over a year of investigation, there is no proof of such collusion, yet the investigation continues; not to discover how Russia meddled, or with whom, but only if it was with the Donald J. Campaign, and that investigation is getting no traction. So, core Democrats, with their Democrat Media in tow, are making giant hypothetical leaps that this President sought to obstruct the investigation into this crime, a crime that there is no known proof of. Some of the more pathetic among the aforementioned actually point to the James Comey firing, which is the president's constitutional right, regardless of when he does it. With what we are now learning about former Director Comey's extra political activities as FBI Director, his firing will be the least of his problems. I am still waiting for James Comey's promised book.

    Still, core Democrats believe that the rest of us should take them seriously. Should Special prosecutor Robert Mueller, of this Russia probe (ironically brought about by Comey firing and Attorney General Jeff Sessions wrongly recusing himself), wishes to be taken seriously, as he investigates this so-called crime of Russia interference, his investigatory actions may need to measure up quite a bit more to that point where this overblown, extra-financed investigation, administered by partisan Democrat operatives (we are now discovering) is worthy of such. If the probe is not taken seriously by the thinking American public, and their representatives, but only by these petulant Liberal hacks orbiting Democrat politicians and their unprinciple media, the probe will fail and will be a massive embarrassment to all involved. So far the investigation has well proved to be a huge waste of money and time, and its distraction alone is a cause for possible national peril at a time when the president must remain focused on saving the Republic. To Americans of clarion thought and greater knowledge, this so-called probe is more resembling veritable "witch hunt", but, the President calmly is allowing the probe to play out; however, I do expect there not to be repercussions for all these sorry players if this probe's direction does not veer back to its original intent - to discover the truth about Russia Interference.

    Consequently, instead of finding Russia Collusion, Cover-up, and now Obstruction, we concerned Americans are learning of the political corruption of conspiracy, influence peddling, and money laundering (Uranium One / Clinton Global Initiative) that deeply taints the FBI, the Department of Justice (DOJ), and the State Department, the NSA, and the CIA, which taints leadership now, and in the recent past, including, but not limited to: Eric Holder, James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Barack Hussein Obama, Hillary Clinton, their administrative underlings, and possibly Robert Mueller himself.

    At this point, the President does not seem to be worried about all these investigations' respective outcomes, but, one thing is certain: Others that have been in control of the Deep State, and played fast and loose with our laws may need to be very concerned. Last time I checked, there is only one politician that has the power to pardon anyone or everyone, and it is not any of these aforementioned actors, many who are utterly corrupt.

    If the end game for all of these corrupt politicians and Deep State bureaucrats, and unprincipled media is to ruin this duly elected president, so that he may be Impeached, they should have adopted a game plan that is not so glaringly apparent. At this point, looking far ahead as is my nature; absent President Trump himself negotiating all wrongs as accused, the Russia Probe investigation is finished in real terms. My wise words to Bob Mueller: Wrap it up quickly (especially if you become part of the problem, rather than part of the solution), so we can discover quickly what really has occurred over these last 8 years of Obama corruption, and just how could it have all been fomented in our nation's capitol. When the D.C. swamp is drained, it will be most informative to discover who has been swimming naked.

Now that the Russia Collusion scandal has most completely boomeranged on core Democrats, the Democrat Media, and the Deep State, who have promoted this scandal for over one year: Should congress and Jeff Sessions's DOJ investigate the DNC, the Clintons, and, notably, the FBI /Obama DOJ with the same fervor that they have hounded all things connected to Candidate, then President Donald Trump?
  Yes, it is a necessity that we discover all that is corrupt, and stains the government of this land.
  No, investigate only everything connected to Donald Trump, as a candidate and then president.
  I generally don't pay attention to most things except what is normally pop culture.
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( December 14th, 2017 @ 3:55 pm )
After the Congressional interview with Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein, December 13, 2017, before the House Judiciary Committee, when much was revealed regarding the inherent bias of the Democrats administering this Russia, Russia, Russia investigation, I have this to add ...


1) How long before Robert Mueller is fired?

2) At what point is a special prosecutor appointed to investigate Special Prosecutor Mueller?

3) At what point, if necessary, will President Trump be called upon to pardon everyone?

I may be looking a bit too far down the road, but one thing that I do know for sure: The president may have standing to do any, or all of the above at sometime in the near future if Mueller keeps screwing up so badly; I don't remember a more messed up, heavy handed special prosecutor in my lifetime.
Democrats may love this Democrat, but, Man has this guy ruined any chance to have a fair, impartial investigation.

General Flynn might be wise to walk away from any deal with this corrupt bunch of Democrats.

Liberals and Socialists will howl, but, they are generally so far out of touch with reality that it probably won't matter in a political sense to the rest of us.

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