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If the non patriot, mostly extreme ignorant core Democrats in congress wish to Impeach this President, get on with it. Use the Special Council's sleazy, pathetic report to do so (and that is all it will be as this sorry mess matriculates), but be done with it.

How Much do you Care About the Future of your Country and your Community?

    It is high time for Special Counsel Mueller, and his staff of 15 angry Democrat lawyers to prove that there was a crime, that Mr. Trump knowingly committed that crime regarding, with his campaign knowingly working in direct concert with Russian Agents to subvert our elections or shut his sleazy lawyer cabal down, whose one directive is to subvert the will of the American People who overwhelmingly elected Donald J. Trump president.

    It has been over two years of investigation: there is no crime, there is no evidence of any forthcoming crime, and the Special Counsel has long given up the search for how and why any foreign agents could, would or have endeavored to tamper with our American elections, therefore signifying that he, and his merry band of angry core Democrats don't care, and only wish to destroy President Trump, his family, and anyone significantly connected to the President.

    If the non patriot, mostly extreme ignorant core Democrats in congress wish to Impeach this President, get on with it. Use the Special Counsel's sleazy, pathetic report to do so (and that is all it will be as this sorry mess matriculates), but be done with it. Americans need an end to your sorry mess.

    These non patriot core Democrats did not care, when Hussein Obama was president, about: Leaving over 30 CIA agents to die in Benghazi, then lied about it, then did nothing about it after 4 Americans were killed by terrorists using weaponry and ordinance supplied by Obama's foreign policy (his Arab Spring campaign); did not care about the IRS political targeting of Conservatives; do not care about their Obama administration gaining FISA warrants used to spy on an opposition campaigns, and other American citizens, including FOX reporters' emails; did not care when Hussein Obama lied 26 times on camera about the future rewards of ObamaCare, which has now destroyed our Health Delivery system, Lord knows these non patriot core Democrats had no interest in Hillary Clinton's destruction of public property to obstruct justice while under subpoena to discover that no less than 5 foreign governments gained access to classified information due to Hillary's non patriotic deceptions or stupidity or both; etc., etc ... these ignorant non patriot core Democrats just don't care about anything other than destroying President Donald Trump, or any other Conservative American President, who would venture to fix America, and steer us from certain Socialism administered under the iron grip of core Democrat Authoritarian Control.

    If you care about America; despise sleazy lawyers, like Robert Mueller and his angry Democrat team, setting policy; despise dishonest politicians, who hate America, trying to wrest control from the real patriots who are sworn to defend the Constitution, VOTE in these midterms as a patriot would do to save our Republic from those that seek to destroy it.

    Get your friends to vote in these midterms, and, if you live in Beaufort County, get yourselves and your friends to the polls to vote for Stan Deatherage, County Commissioner. I am a patriot, I am unwaveringly honest, and I have great knowledge of the position and how to fix Beaufort County.

    America, North Carolina and Beaufort County needs your help NOW - VOTE!
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