Fake Frankie will cramdown four more years of bigger spending and higher taxes. Here's how we know that is true. | Eastern North Carolina Now

Publisher's note: This post appears courtesy of the Beaufort Observer.

    If we re-elect Frankie Waters as county commissioner, we can expect four more years like we have gotten the last four years. How do we know that? He has warned us of just that.

    Fake Frankie Waters, also known as King Frankie and Zip Code Waters was the guest speaker at the September 27 Beaufort County Republican Club meeting which was held at La Bella's Italian Restaurant in downtown Washington.

    Fake Frankie was upset about accusations that he had promised not to raise taxes when he was running in 2014. Fake Frankie strongly asserted that he had never promised anyone that he would not raise taxes. So, there; now you have it. You should have expected those tax increases and those tens of millions of increased spending along with increase in the Beaufort County payroll of 90 new jobs. We had 300 employees when Fake Frankie was elected, now we have 390.

    But hold on. This begs the question of what we might expect if he is re-elected.

    Fake Frankie said he is comfortable with what he had accomplished during the past four years. He concluded his remarks by saying: "What you got the last four years you will get the next four" if you elect him. This should be terrifying to taxpayers.

    Frankie acted like a typical Democrat. He voted with Democrats more than he voted with conservative Republicans. He is not ashamed of his record of raising taxes and exploding spending during the past four years. We should have expected it, according to what he is now saying. This sounds like all the Democrats I know. So, why is Fake Frankie running as a Republican?

    Fake Frankie is not ashamed of costing us the Belhaven hospital by supporting the illegal use of the Beaufort County Building Inspector to provide false information to the judge to get the restraining order lifted so the building could be destroyed within hours of the judge's decision. That single act cost the Belhaven/Pantego area 50 high paying jobs and eliminated competition for Vidant. That raised the cost of health care in northeast Beaufort County and Hyde County. Blue Cross recently said no competition in Eastern North Carolina was the reason for them increasing insurance rates.

    Four more years with Fake Frankie will mean we budget by simply adding new expenses to last year's expense. There will be no effort to reduce spending. It will mean the good ole boys will talk in the back room and only come to meetings to vote, with no debate on spending or policy issues. It will mean the Sheriff will continue to pay off his buddies with your tax money, spend excessively and not control any costs. There will probably be more law suits on the open meetings law.

    The taxpayers need to clip the wings of Fake Frankie by sending him home so those of us who want to save you money can get to work.

    Fake Frankie and his crew are now talking about a new "emergency operations center." Don't be surprised if that morphs in a new jail and Sheriff's Office and moving it somewhere other than downtown Washington.

    That is the kind of "leadership" we have gotten from Frankie for the last four years. Now he has warned us to expect more of the same if he is elected for another four years.

    You have been warned.

    Stop Fake, King, Zip Code Frankie Waters.
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