Don't Take Anything for Granted | Beaufort County Now | I never cease to be amazed that there are people who don't get "the word" about what is going on in local politics.

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    I never cease to be amazed that there are people who don't get "the word" about what is going on in local politics. I suspect those who are writing the tax checks definitely do get the word. Most people are not interested in government until they get the bill. The problem is there are a lot of people who do not actually sign the check. That is why, six months after the November election, there will be people telling me they never knew how miss managed the sheriff's office has been under Ernie Coleman or that Frankie Waters voted for the largest tax increase in the history of Beaufort County.

    That is where you come in. Tell your friends and acquaintances about tax and spend Ernie Coleman and Frankie Waters. Tell them about the 25 million dollar jail they want and the 90 new employees added during the past four years. Frankie Waters voted for all of it. He has promised more during his second term, if elected.

    The re-election of Fake Frankie and Coleman will put Beaufort county at high risk for large tax increases and an even more bloated county government. This risk is serious because of world wide financial risks. The world is awash in debt. This is the same condition we had in 1929, the beginning of the great depression. Even Beaufort County went bankrupt. We must have some restraint or the same thing will happen to us again. Not everyone went bankrupt during the great depression, just the dummies who were borrowing money and those who had no savings. We do not need to go thru that again in our personal lives or our county government.

    The problem with money drying up is, it does not matter how little or how much you owe. There is no money in circulation so debts cannot be paid.

    Don't forget about what Sheriff Ernie Coleman has done to us. Here are a few reminders. He spent $346,000 for one prisoner's medical bill simply because he did not know what was happening. His excuse is as he said "He didn't know about it". You paid every penny of that bill. Coleman had a prisoner to die and says he does not have to notify the family. Coleman says he can allow his employees to use Beaufort County property for their personal gain. We are talking about cars, gasoline and anything in the Sheriffs department. Looks like Coleman does not know what stealing is. He rewarded those who helped him on his campaign with huge amounts of overtime, on the order of $27,000 per year for four years. He hired one person under the age of 21 who helped him on his campaign and is now paying him $51,000 per year with no law enforcement experience. Coleman is spending more money with less management than any sheriff we have ever had in Beaufort County.

    Then there is Fake Frankie Waters, a Democrat, until a few months before he decided to run for commissioner. Fake Frankie made a deal with Jerry Langley and Ed Booth for Frankie to be Chairman of the Board and Langley to be Vice Chairman. This with five Republicans sitting on the board. Fake Frankie, he never was a Republican. Fake Frankie voted for every proposed tax increase during the past four years. Taxes are up more than 20 percent. Did you get a 20 percent increase in services? Fake Frankie came to the Republican Executive Committee meeting an said taxes are not high enough and he intends to raise them during the next four years.

    Conservatively marked sample ballots are available on line at the Beaufort Observer. Paper copies are available at my office at 110 West second Street. They a re also available at 210 North Market Street on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 until 5:00 PM.

    If you want a tax increase vote or Fake Frankie Waters and Ernie Coleman.
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