Norman Sanderson is the better man over Raleigh picked candidate | Eastern North Carolina Now | I am asking that you join us in electing current House Representative Norman Sanderson to the North Carolina Senate.

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    This letter is to all of the unaffiliated voters in Carteret, Craven, and Pamlico Counties. I am asking that you join us in electing current House Representative Norman Sanderson to the North Carolina Senate. Norman is in the May 8th Republican Primary election.

    There are two others running in the same primary. One, Randy Ramsey, is being pushed and supported by others outside our area. This includes three well-heeled Republican State Senators from around Raleigh who want a person they can control like a puppet, that will always vote their way when they pull his string. And Randy Ramsey is their man.

    There is almost as many unaffiliated voters in this area as there are Democrats in this area, and that is good, but now we need you to vote with us in the May 8th Primary to keep this Senate seat from being bought by outside interests.

    Mr. Ramsey seems to be the liberals favorite Republican, since he hangs around Raleigh but could care less about our three counties.

    Randy claims to be conservative but all he contributes to is liberal politicians and causes and won't attend any Republican functions.

    The third candidate, Ken Jones, is a fair and honest man whom I consider a friend. But, I just think it isn't the right time for him. I wouldn't hesitate to support Ken but I don't think the time is right, and I don't want to see a split vote and let Randy slip in, which we can't afford.

    I've known Norman a few years and he's a fine man and Representative. He's a former Deputy Sherriff and preacher in Pamlico County. Norman will support the needs of our three counties and not just for Raleigh.

    So please help the one who will look after the concerns of all of us.
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