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2019 has been the strangest of years, and, unless there is some intervention toward sanity for Deranged Democratic Socialists, the United States and its many Americans may never be the same again. Donald J. Trump, Trump Derangement Syndrome, Democratic Socialists, booming economy, Trivialized Impeachment
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It has been the Strangest of Years

An American Odyssey into the Inane

    2019 has been the strangest of years, and, unless there is some intervention toward sanity for Deranged Democratic Socialists, the United States and its many Americans may never be the same again, which may be the Republic's natural evolution ... or not. The weird began November 8, 2016, when a beleaguered billionaire and reality TV star became president of these United States, to his great surprise and most everyone else.

    Donald John Trump was elected the 45th President for a variety of reasons; however, few took him seriously as many, even many Republicans (including myself), for at many times when campaigning in 2015 and 2016, this non politician did not appear to take himself seriously. But, considering the alternative, what choice did right thinking Americans have?

    Those of us who pay attention knew that Hillary Clinton was a pandering, wanton politician, devoid of any principles; utterly corrupt to the point of ubiquitous criminality, and not particularly bright about hiding it; while having zero ability to engage in any original thought, ideas; and, with Mr. Trump obliterating an original field of 15 other very substantive Republicans in their primary, Candidate Trump was our only choice.

    It was, has been and is a very pleasant and welcome surprise that Mr. Trump has been the most competent president, while developing into an inspirational politician: hard working, resourceful, pragmatically nimble, creatively original, while becoming the most transparent president in decades. That is where this aforementioned conundrum originates. The problem, as exhibited by Democratic Socialists, is that while this President is good for this Constitutional Republic, he defiantly obstructs their quest for the necessary power to push the nation back toward Socialism.

    The Democratic Socialists' obsessive desire to remake the United States into a Socialist monolith; rewarding the elite, their beneficiary class of the true believers - the voting block of malcontents, the non productive, and the anti self-reliant - while subjugating the working class, from all necessary fields, to keep our former Republic teetering but marginally afloat is an untenable reality. What the Socialists can never fathom is that our Founders built in safeguards against all tyranny, providing there are enough real patriots remaining to enforce the constitutional wisdom of these patriots-in-perpetuity - our good Founders.

    And then again, there remains that pesky problem of President Trump, an ardent Capitalists consumed with making American business work standing in the way. Just how do those committed Democratic Socialists beat this most successful Capitalist businessman turned equally successful president; a president getting people back to work in a booming economy?


    I have no idea, but, Democratic Socialists have the answer. Since it appears unlikely that the Leftists will defeat this President: Impeach President Donald Trump, regardless of how pathetic any convoluted case could be found against him, which they did inder two articles of Impeachment: 1) Presidential Abuse of Power; 2) Obstruction of Congress; neither are crimes, but a subjective provocation as Impeachable Offenses by a Democratic Socialist majority controlling the United States House of Representatives, resulting in our Republic's first fully partisan, Trivialized Impeachment.

    So partisan, so trivialized, so weak in these articles' construction; built on hearsay evidence, with no provable facts to support any real crimes, the Impeachment has no chance to succeed in the U.S. Senate, and still, the Democratic Socialists continue to promote this politicized trivialization of this wise constitutional tool to remove a lawless president. This first Trivialized Impeachment is the true abuse of power; the true obstruction of congress; the People's House a historical laughing stock run by charlatans with no patriotic purpose.

    While Speaker Nancy Pelosi has led the 116th congressional House to Impeach this president and do little else, she, and her dutiful Socialist lieutenants continue to profess that their hyper partisan House, running a fully partisan sham Impeachment inquiry, can still "Chew gum and walk at the same time". In all honesty, this well worn cliche is a complete lie in application, and in this upcoming year of 2020, I cannot fathom in any conceivable manner that this American public is so vapid that this Democratic Socialist majority will continue to do little else than continue to Impeach ... again ... a re-elected President Donald J. Trump in 2020, who is the odds-on favorite, 2019 Impeachment or no, to win a second term.

    In real terms, considering what we have been told by their politicians, it would be best for all concerned if the Democratic Socialists currently controlling the United States House of Representatives were democratically removed from that control. There is a point for when nearly everyone should be able to see when something is not working and will not work. Socialists in control of the main congressional chamber of the Legislative Branch will never work well enough in a Capitalist society to benefit the sustainability of this Republic. If it was never completely proven in the past, it has been thus proved since the 2018 mid-terms.


    Consequently, my New Year's prayer shall continue that enough Americans will awake from this Derangement brought on by a "The Resistance" to this constitutionally elected president, who is no Socialist but a Capitalist; and, still a very successful leader in spite of all of our nation's distractions delivered by the partisan Socialists. Mr. Trump's firm directive is to provide the potential for the American people to exist safely and well in a Constitutional Republic "of the People, by the People, for the People" - Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address, which is all any president should strive to do.

    When enough Americans understand this simple truth, then maybe these strange times will end, and patriotism will ensue, quite unmatched in recent times. It is essential theat we mend to that point which we rediscover the proper pariotic national focus in this coming year, and each succeeding year ... and continue unabated if we are to survive.

Against the backdrop of the presidential Impeachment of President Donald J. Trump by the Democratic Socialists in the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives: What should become the historical fulfillment of this President?
  President Trump should be Impeached by the House and convicted in the U.S. Senate.
  President Trump should not be Impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.
  I never think about stuff like this.
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( January 1st, 2020 @ 11:53 am )
Perfect comment for this post about the Man with the "Perfect Phone Call".

Mr. Trump is an enigma of a human being, but, a very successful president, and scandal free (in real terms).

After 8 years of Obama, he has been a pleasant relief.
( January 1st, 2020 @ 11:39 am )
In my work career, I have been in plants that produce almost everything that we humans consume. The old saying about not wanting to watch how sausage is made is true of almost everything we eat, including vegetables and the ever popular American Hot Dog.

Your article is right on point, It has indeed been a strange year (and years since 2016). I must admit I still cringe at the boorish behavior of the President and his over the top tweets, but I attribute a good bit of that to the New York persona. Highly populated Urban Environments tend to put a hard edge on people while living in a fantasy land like Hollywood tends to erode the cognitive cells of even the most bleeding of hearts.

"Hey, I'm walking here!"

In a way is it possible that without men like Georgie Patton and Douglas MacArthur we may be speaking German or Japanese today. Neither of them had a penchant for Politically Correct grammar.

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