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The Hood Challenge is Working and is a Fine Work in Progress The Hood Challenge is Working and is a Fine Work in Progress
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The Hood Challenge is Working and is a Fine Work in Progress

    We have raised $3,400 to date. Now for the bad news. We have spent all but about $200 for radio and some TV advertising.

    These adds are well received by the public. They are professionally done. You may see some TV ads on Fox next week.

    We are 1,600 dollars short of our goal. I know budgets are tight but this an opportunity to make a serious change in Beaufort County politics by not electing these two liberals, Jerry Evans and John Rebholz.

    (Tandy Dunn is saving us money by placing the adds for us)

    With limited opportunity to campaign and meet face to face with groups, our best tactic is to use radio and TV to get the word out.

    Try to remember the loss of the Belhaven Hospital and how corrupt that was. Evans was a player in that. Now is your opportunity to have a say by donating some money to the Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC. We do not need Evans and Rebholz to continue to make the same mistakes during the next four years. Yes, that is four more years of higher taxes, with a new 25 million dollar jail and secret government if we do not stop them is this primary election on March 3rd.

    I understand we have less than 25 prisoners in the present jail. This is costing us $3,000 per day in additional and un necessary expense. JERRY EVANS IS YET TO VOTE TO SEND FOR SOMEONE TO MAKE REPAIRS TO THE JAIL CELLS. He refused to call a special commissioners meeting to address this. HE IS ACTIVELY TRYING TO TANK THE JAIL AND THEN DEMAND THAT WE BUILD A NEW ONE THAT WE DO NOT NEED.


    Remember, you are paying for this bad government one way or another..


    Mail your check or drop your contribution off at: Hood Richardson

110 West Second Street
Washington, N. C. 27889

MAKE IT OUT TO: Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC

    Or drop off some cash at the above address.

    We are still begging for money to keep them on the air. Now we are need $800 to make the $5,000 goal. Can you help?

    Make check to: Beaufort County Conservative Republican PAC

    All is set to build you a new $25 million dollar jail with cafeteria, medical treatment rooms, library, deputy offices, a court room and a lot of other useless things if Jerry Evans and John Rebholz are elected. This means another 20 employees and a large tax increase because the liberals have spent all our reserves. Make a donation so the rest of the public can know what is going on.


    The next Conservative Club meeting is Thursday February 13 at King Chicken. Begins at 6:30 PM.

    Republican Party has a headquarters on West Second Street Beside the County Commissioners meeting room.

    The Republican Precinct Committee meetings are on Tuesday February18 at 6:00 PM beginning at 6:00 pm at the court house. Tell your friends. This is a public meeting.


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