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Beaufort Countyís Health Department, along with various supporting agencies have been and will continue to monitor impacts of the COVID-19, Coronavirus. beaufort county, health department, emergency services, coronavirus, updates, march 9, 2020
Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

Coronavirus Update & Information

Press Release:

    Beaufort County's Health Department, along with various supporting agencies have been and will continue to monitor impacts of the COVID-19, Coronavirus. With confirmed cases now in North Carolina, the following initiatives are currently underway:

  • Beaufort County's Epidemiological Team (Epi Team): An Epi Team is a group of health care professional that know the ins and outs of communicable diseases, how they spread, and what prevention and response measures must be taken to mitigate diseases such as COVID-19. While many of you may have never heard of this team, it has always been an active component of Beaufort County's Health Department, tasked with monitoring illnesses such as the various strands of Flu, tick / mosquito borne diseases, etc. Beaufort County's Epi Team is now meeting weekly to discuss facts and statistics about COVID-19, and to develop / implement prevention and response plans. This group is also participating in several weekly conference calls with local, state and federal agencies, and receiving daily updates from North Carolina's Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS).
  • Public Information Releases and Updates: Any incident or event that has the potential to threaten the public's health and safety brings with it an abundance of information and commentary. Unfortunately not all of these communications are factual. It is imperative that we provide honest and accurate information, and apply that knowledge to our decision making process. As such, the Beaufort County Health Department's webpage and social media platform(s) have become our official outlet for providing the most up to date information, including facts about COVID-19, recommended preventive measures for your homes, businesses, schools, etc., travel tips / considerations, and testing / treatment summaries. Beaufort County's Health Department webpage can be accessed using the following link:

    Please know that Beaufort County continues to keep the health and safety of our citizens and visitors a priority. We encourage everyone to familiarize yourselves with the references listed above, and continue to monitor the webpage for updates and new information. Remember, frequent handwashing remains the best way to prevent this virus from infecting you, your love ones, and communities.

    As always, thank you all for what you do to keep your communities prepared and safe.

  • Chris Newkirk
  • Deputy Director
  • Beaufort County Emergency Services
  • 1420 Highland Dr
  • Washington, N.C. 27889
  • Office: (252) 940-6511
  • Cell: (252) 378-5352


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