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Their phone refill system is past the point of operational. lifezette, veterans assistance, VA, prescriptions, veterans, refill system, april 3, 2020
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VA Falling Behind on Prescriptions for Veterans

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    In an exclusive LifeZette report, veterans are telling this publication that vital medications are being postponed and withheld from them because the Department of Veterans Affairs' (aka the VA) automatic phone refill system is not working.

    When vets call in to place their prescription orders they get a busy signal.

    Given that many vets do not live close to major VA medical centers, some will go without their medications. This publication, which has a staff member who gets their prescriptions filled by the VA, tried the line. As we were told, the line was busy. In years of ordering medications by phone the line has never been busy.

    Comments one vet, who asked for anonymity fearing VA repercussions: "What do I do? I need this to live and work. I tried calling them several times over several hours and nothing. It was the Baltimore VA. I can't believe they fell down on the job like this."

    If the VA is not meeting their duty on this issue, it is likely they are not making passing grades on others as well, given their spotty administrative reputation. This is a serious danger to all vets who receive medications from the VA, but especially to those suffering from PTSD, depression, and even thoughts of suicide during this time of national crisis.

    President Trump has legitimately touted his work for veterans and in reforming the VA.

    However, if during the crisis the VA is allowed to return to its old ways, all his work will be shadowed by this development. The VA's track record in the purely medical aspect of their mission is a good one. But their administrative record, especially during the Obama era, was one of evasions, falsification of data, and cover ups.

    LifeZette attempted to reach the public affairs office of the Baltimore VA Medical Center for comment...but got voicemail.


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