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Iím Willing to Bet You Dollars to Donuts

    I’m willing to bet you Dollars to Donuts that when that happened this happened. Here I go confusing you again. I apologize...Or do I? lol

    Here Is The That Happening...

    Less than 48 hours after touting, "We think we’ll have a vaccine by the end of this year and we’re pushing very hard," during a Fox News town hall Sunday, the president seemed demure when Muir asked him whether he was still convinced that the U.S. would have a vaccine by year's end as well as 300 million doses. (“Muir” is David Muir of ABC News.)

    Notice the President says “we think” and David Muir asked if he was “still convinced”.

    The first happening is when President Trump’s words were changed within 48 hours of him saying his words.


    Here Is The This Happening...

I think (am I still allowed to think?) a whole bunch of Reporters and Talking Heads, as soon as President Trump said his words, went right to their word processors and processed these words to be published on January 1 2021 (provided President Trump is still the President of the Good Ole USofA)...

   President Trump promised that there would be a Vaccine by the end of year. The year ended yesterday. The President lied to the American People!

   (I did the underlining of the words “promised” and “lied”.)


Is a President of the Good Ole USofA allowed to hope or to encourage?

Sad to say, the answer from today’s Mews Media is... Yes, but first they have to be selected by us to do so and we have not selected President Trump to do so.


It looks like we may not have to wait till the end of the year to call Oxford University a Liar because researchers at Oxford University who are working on vaccine development have said that their vaccine, if it proves effective, could be widely distributed by September (or would they call that an Educated Guess?).

Would I kid u?




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