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New CHOP Starts in Atlanta Wendy’s, Rioters Back Gun Rights and Border Control

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by Polizette Staff.

    Given actions in Seattle and now in Atlanta, the Left now embraces border control and the Second Amendment. On Tuesday night, the area around the Wendy's restaurant where Rayshard Brooks was shot by police was made into an armed no-police border zone. One mini-secessionist said, "It's my legal right to bear arms. And at no point will I allow my right to be disturbed."

    It is unlikely the individual realizes he is in agreement with President Donald Trump, the GOP, or conservatives in general on border control and gun rights. "Sad situation someone today and yesterday at Wendy's that is blocked off by armed young men with long guns and pistols," said City Council President Felicia Moore. "All businesses surrounded are boarded. The tension is in the air and emotions are raw. Police are not in sight. Is this Atlanta? No! We must rise up!"

    Much like it started in Seattle two weeks ago, at least three men brandishing long guns were seen Tuesday night near the Wendy's in Atlanta. The action by armed thugs was started over the weekend. "The police aren't allowed here because they're not here to protect us," a man with a 12-gauge shotgun said.

    A fast food burger joint may seem like a strange place to begin an insurrection, and given the area is quite small it is an open question what guarding a Wendy's will bring to their "activism." Also, if police are not allowed in the area, then how is the investigation supposed to continue into the shooting of Rayshard Brooks?

    "My husband literally just missed getting caught in the crossfire when he was on his way home," area resident Kimberlee Jones told the press, adding, "People have been shot and have been hurt."

    "It's scary to have someone come after you like that. We were just trying to get on the interstate. I was hit in the arms and the face and legs with the boulder," said a local man and woman who were assaulted by a mob as they were passing by the restaurant in their car. Rioters stopped the car by blocking the road and then proceeded to damage the auto with various street-side implements.

    The Atlanta Police Department told media in a statement early Wednesday, "APD is monitoring the situation and plans to coordinate with community leaders and the Wendy's property owner to address security issues and help preserve peace for this community as soon as possible." Which translated means: "We plan to do absolutely nothing and let them take over anything they please."

    In related news, Lance LoRusso, attorney for accused police Officer Garrett Rolfe in the Brooks shooting, said when his client fired his weapon, Brooks was not "running away." He said Brooks "turned and offered extreme violence toward a uniformed law enforcement officer. If he was able to deploy the stun gun, it would incapacitate Officer [Garrett] Rolfe through his body armor, and at that point, if he decided to disarm another officer, he would be in possession of a firearm."


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