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Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

The Virus "So Called" Experts Are Still at It — Playing Games

    Reports from the press always start with how horrible the latest number of corona virus cases is and we are all sure to die very shortly. They never say the numbers can only increase, because they are reporting cumulative totals. Common sense tells us the more we test for anything, even little green apples, the more we will find. The most important statistics is the number of deaths. But they do not report how many would have died regardless of COVID-19

    The really big truth is that 99,7 percent of those who get the virus survive and only those with compromised health systems are at great risk. That holds true for any infectious disease. They even have a name for this: comorbidity.

    Allow me to qualify myself. Every person who believes they are at any risk should take all precautions they are comfortable with to protect themselves, their families and friends from infection.

    This game is about the Democrats and lily-livered Republicans controlling us until after the November elections.. It is also about the socialists and communists who want to take over this country.

    To date the behavior of the anarchists, including the press, is to terrify all of us into silence so they can get control of the government. Now for the big truth.

    There are about 330 million people in the United States. We need about 60 percent to contract the virus to get to herd immunity. In round numbers that is 200 million people, The so called experts are applying super safe controls on us. They want to keep the infections below 60,000 new cases each day. Now, how many days will it take to get to herd immunity. The answer, take 200 million and divide it by 60,000. The answer is 333 days or about one year. I am betting these people just want to control us until election day in November. They hope to blame this on Trump and win the election.

    The other way to get herd immunity is to have a vaccine. They can talk about vaccines as much as they want. But, vaccines are a long shot. For one thing vaccines must be tested long enough to be proven safe. A lot of funky things can happen with vaccines. I personally do not want a vaccine until it has been in use for one year.

    Can we be locked down for one year and survive financially and remain healthy? The answer is NO.

    A simple truth is this virus is not acting any different than any other virus. We need to open up more and get the major part of the infection over at a rate that will allow our health system to care for those who are sick. Another simple truth is that we are not going to have an effective vaccine in the next 333 days. Even if we have it, we cannot manufacture it and get it distributed in 333 days.

    Bottom line, if you are below 65 years of age and do not have major medical complications. do not allow the corona virus to destroy your future. The facts simply do not bear out what we are being told.

    One way or another the virus has to run thru the population until we get herd immunity. There is no stopping it. Do not believe that flattening the curve is a cure. It is not a cure. We have had pandemics that have killed many more people than this corona virus..

    Do not get caught up in testing. Testing tells us where we have been not where we are going. Testing is useful only if the rate of infection is to be slowed. But a slow rate of infection causes a lot of other very serious problems to society.

    The terrible mistake that was made by the so called experts was to quarantine the entire nation. Contagious diseases have always been controlled by quarantining the sick and allowing the well to function normally. Doctors Fauchi and Birks have done this nation a terrible injustice. Lies spread by the press have not helped.

    North Carolina has good and workable laws providing for County Health Directors to order quarantines when needed, and it makes much more sense to deal with such issued on a county by county basis because the situation varies so much from county to county.


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