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To Delay the Next Postal Rate Increase Our Post Office Takes Bold Action

    If you are like me you have said to yourself many times in the past... "Self, every time I turn around the Post Office raises the cost of stamps".

    I even stopped turning around and the Post Office paid me no never mind (whatever that means).

    They have made several changes like...

  • They used to announce when they were going to raise the price of stamps but they don’t do that anymore because it made the nightly news and we found out what they were doing to us (again).
  • They used to put the cost of the stamps on the stamps. This meant, if you missed the nightly news announcement, you might figure out what they had done to you after they were finished doing it to you.
  • Now they put the word “Forever” instead of the cost of the stamp and we Know Nothing...(Imagine there is a picture of Sgt. Schultz here. Again I failed to be able to insert a picture in a BCN Blog Posting.)sad


    You cannot imagine my great relief a couple of days ago when I went to my local post office and found that the Post Office had taken action to reduce expenses. They are doing this to save money as an alternative to this seemingly unending upward spiral of rate increases.

    I became aware of this new policy when I looked for a Chained Counter Ballpoint Pen to use. The chains were there but the ballpoint pens were gone. There was not a ballpoint pen to be found on any counter accessible to a patron in the entire post office. I was so pleased!


    Just about this time I saw the Postmaster General and his entourage walk by. I decided to try and get more information about this significant cost saving effort. I ran up to him and attempted to pose as a Local Action News Reporter. I held my cell phone up to him and tried to get a comment about this bold action about which he must have been so proud. He was, however, too way up there to talk to me (after all he is General) and he brushed by me.

    Being sly, cunning and alert I was not diverted from my effort to get more information about this herculean attempt to not pass on more rate increases to the American Public. Right behind the General was his Aide the Postmaster Lieutenant. I presented my cell phone to him and was only too pleased to talk to me (after all he is only a Lieutenant).

    He actually seemed pleased to see that I was paying attention to him. He straightened his tie and stood at attention as he told me all about the Post Office's Pen Removal Initiative. I can't peck out all of what he said but I will give you the bottom line ... This National Pen Removal Plan of Action is Going to Delay the Next Increase in Our Postal Rates a Full Twenty Seven Minutes!

    Now don't you feel better? I know I do.

    Would I kid u?




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