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Democrats Refuse to Debate Their Opponents Before North Carolinians Begin Casting Votes in 25 Days

Press Release:

    Raleigh NC     North Carolinians will begin casting their votes via absentee on September 4. President Donald J. Trump, Senator Thom Tillis and Lt. Governor Dan Forest have all sought to debate their opponents as soon as possible. Yet, Joe Biden, Cal Cunningham and Roy Cooper have all refused to debate until weeks after the first votes are cast.

    Currently, North Carolina is experiencing an unprecedented surge in absentee ballot requests, which means that more voters than ever before will cast their ballots significantly before election day. All voters deserve the opportunity to have the candidates discuss and defend their platform and plans for the people of North Carolina.

    "North Carolina voters are voting earlier than ever, and they deserve to see candidates lay out their vision for the country and state. However, Democrats are fully committed to hiding in their basements instead of debating their Republican opponents," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "It appears that Democrats realize they simply cannot defend their support for radical policies like the Green New Deal, open borders and defunding the police so they hope to hide their views from voters as long as possible."

Presidential Debate

    Status of the debate

    President Trump and Joe Biden have agreed to the Commissions debate schedule on September 29, October 15 and October 22.

    President Trump requested to add an earlier fourth debate or reschedule one of the three before voters casting votes, but Joe Biden has so far refused.

    "It's no surprise that Biden wants to avoid debating President Trump as long as possible," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "Nearly every time he emerges from his Delaware bunker, Biden makes a notable gaffe, racist comment or rambling statement that makes even his friends in the mainstream media question his mental fitness. He also cannot defend his record and radical views like his support for defunding the police, his promise to raise taxes and his appeasement of China."

Radical policies Joe Biden Doesn't Want to Defend:

    Green New Deal

    Open Borders

    Tax Hikes

Senatorial Debate

    Status of the Debate

    Senator Thom Tillis challenges his general election opponent to five general election debates, and despite for original bravado, Cunningham has agreed to only three debates with only two confirmed dates.

    Cunningham has already missed an opportunity for a live debate with Senator Tillis on WLOS because he had to attend an out of state virtual fundraiser.

    "Silent Cal knows he cannot defend his broken promises or hypocrisy on the PPP program," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "Cal is trying to hide the fact that if elected he'd be representing the values and interests of Chuck Schumer not North Carolina. On the other hand, Senator Tillis has a record of delivering for the people of North Carolina that he is proud to talk about."

    Lies Cal Cunningham doesn't want to defend:

    Breaking Promise And Raising Taxes By A Billion Dollars

    Launching His Campaign Based On A Lie About Corporate PAC Money

    Cunningham Attacked The PPP Program While His Company Benefited And He Got Caught Lying About It.

    Cunningham Broke His No Tax Hike Promise By Raising Taxes, Then Exploited A Tax Loophole To Save $39,000

Gubernatorial Debate

    Status of Debates

    Governor Dan Forest accepted two debate invitations for CBS 17 and Spectrum news to be broadcast statewide. Roy Cooper declined to accept an invitation so far because, apparently, he does not believe he needs to lay out his vision for North Carolina.

    "Cooper continues to hide from his record of hypocrisy and from the people of North Carolina," said NCGOP Press Secretary Tim Wigginton. "Since March, Cooper has only emerged from the bunker at his taxpayer funded mansion to march unmasked with protesters and for a photo op with tornado victims. Cooper has shown he is afraid to take unfiltered questions from members of the media and has not ventured out to meet with any of the small business owners his lockdowns have crushed. The people of North Carolina need to hear his explanation on why he failed to protect nursing homes, his refusal to form an economic recovery taskforce, why can't we protect livelihoods and lives from Covid 19 and why he doesn't believe newborn babies deserve legal protection. It is no wonder he wants to avoid debating or answering questions at all costs."

    Radical Policies Cooper Does Not Want To Defend In Public

    Sanctuary Sheriffs

    Post Birth Abortions

    Assault on Education Funding

  • Contact: Tim Wigginton


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