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Kim Guilfoyle Clashes With Many Conservative Women

Publisher's note: This post appears here courtesy of the LifeZette, and written by David Kamioner.

    President Trump seems to have a polling problem with suburban women. Or so we're told. So LifeZette talked to many of them, and other women, about their impressions of the Republican National Convention. The responses were generally good to great. But one theme kept running through the commentary: a disdain for Kim Guilfoyle and her speech Monday night at the convention. Conservative women also had some suspicions on the ideological bona fides of Nikki Haley.

    First, the Guilfoyle story. Comments we received went much like this: "I appreciate her message but I really don't care for her at all. Her pronunciation of the word America makes me want to beat my head against the wall. Her cadence is insincere, rehearsed, and ewww," said Maritza Martinez of Pennsylvania. Granted he is biased but also has an excellent point, Democrat pro David Axelrod concurs on the general tone.

    Hard to say if it's the jet-fueled speech delivery, the bombshell thing, the homewrecker thing, or just on principle, but the female Republican consensus is not favorable to Guilfoyle's speech and then some.

    Marta Sosa of Florida: "I was cautious about mentioning that. I think she's a power whore. As for Kimberly, Don Jr. wasn't separated a week before she was on him. She was married to Newsom too. Sooooo...what does she really stand for?"

    Candace Ware of Oregon: "I have a really weird problem that I have never heard anyone else mention — strident, screechy female voices at full volume set my teeth on edge. They have a microphone. Why can't they let the microphone do the work rather than screaming? It is like fingers on a blackboard to me. Sheer torture."

    Dede Taylor of Georgia: "I've never been a fan. She's a coattail rider. Governor SafeSpace and now Don Jr. If you can't get where you want to be without an 'important' man then you need to go somewhere else. Also, I agree with the other ladies...I don't enjoy listening to her speak."

    Nicole Comer of Texas: "It was a bit much. She was doing it the way she would in front of a big, loud, crowd & so it just looked nuts."

    Joyce Vincent of Michigan: "I thought it was great, except for Kimberly Guilfoyle. She reminded me of Clinton the way she screamed her message and it was much too dramatic. And damn, they gave her a long time to shout. Because she's Don Jr.'s girlfriend."

    Tara Ragone-Dougherty of Florida: "My biggest disappointment and I actually thought embarrassing was KG. Her speech would have been so much better and more received had she not screamed at the podium as if she was standing in front of a cheering crowd and lost the Evita Peron theatrics."

    More than one conservative woman was not happy with Nikki Haley. Indicative of the comments was this by South Carolina ace GOP political operative Stacy Shea: "Last night Nikki Haley confirmed every reason South Carolina conservatives hate her. Politico even helped with their article this morning praising her appeal to South Carolina progressive Republicans. She's Mittens in a pink dress. The only difference between her and the never Trumpers at the DNC is that she sees Trump's coattails as her path to the presidency. She embarrassed us by bringing up the Charleston shooting. As if we are somehow a racist state. She made her speech about her. It sounded like a stump speech for her."

    The consensus is in on Guilfoyle and Haley has an asterisk. Let's see what Tuesday night brings...


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