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Nancy Pelosis, the Fake News and the "Wrap-up Smear"

    Nancy Pelosis has made a living out of leading the most intellectually dull, non patriot band of do-nothing, feckless House of Representatives in the entire 231 years of its congress's existence. Speaker Pelosis is a stammering fool, who is a rudderless, immoral political hack, who hates America, but loves power, and has no compunction for doing whatever she must do to remain in power, while soliciting more of the same.

    In other harsh, but true words, Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy Pelosis will do whatever it takes to destroy anyone that stands in here way, which is far too often her terrible means to her ultimate ignoble end. Since 2016, we have discovered that this non patriot Speaker hates Donald Trump far more than loves her country, and, moreover, her Republic's Constitution.

    And how does an old fool of a Madam Speaker get away with her ultra partisan, non patriot transgressions?

    Unquestionably, it is as simple as a walk in the park. The Democratic Socialist propagandist fools that manage the Fake News, non journalists all with no integrity whatsoever, would never ask a real question of Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy or Covid Joe - the bumbling, mumbling - when not reading - presidential candidate. In fact, the only time Hid'n' Joe Biden leaves his basement is to visit a friendly location, which is a seldom occurrence, and then only accepts questions from friendly propagandists where they read a pre-approved question, and then he (Biden) reads a pre-prepared answer - as best he can - from a teleprompter.

    To make this work, No real journalists are called upon, unless Slow Joe asks the rare unscripted questions, often with disastrous results. The Sputtering Speaker has the same hands off treatment from the propagandists as Covid Joe, minus the scripted questions, and the teleprompter-read-answers to simple, shallow questions from the Fake News propagandists. How else could Nancy Pelosi ramrod a Fake and Trivialized Impeachment with no real evidence, where she and Adam Schiff would wantonly lie, unchallenged by the activist Democratic Socialist Media, to bolster their phantom case against a beleaguered President Trump?

    We see it now as they lie about the Covid tragedy, blaming it all on President Trump, as if he created and transmitted the virus, and for his "not taking action soon enough", when he was actually then roundly and robustly labeled a "Racist" and a "Xenophobe" by those same Democratic Socialist politicians and their propagandist minions for immediately eliminating flights, via a Travel Ban, to and from China and then Europe beginning in early 2020.

If all this sounds all too familiar, this practice of lying in a coordinated effort with the dishonest Fake News propagandists to make lies real, and, alternately, rendering the truth as lies, is a Democratic Socialist practice which is known as the "Wrap-Up Smear", described here by a sputtering Speaker Pelosi: Below.

    If you have not had a belly-full of this silly and most ignorant "virtue signalling", this Democratic Socialist hypocrisy, you may should take a patriot "gut check". If you were to be honest with yourself, I assure you that you would not be satisfied with what you would see ... that is ... if you were to be honest.


( September 2nd, 2020 @ 9:30 pm )
Don't you just love a dishonest non patriot liar and hypocrite like Speaker Stammer'n' Nancy Pelosi -

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